‘Sometimes it can be just one line that can help you to start believing in yourself ’ – Taposhree Baruah

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‘I have found myself in some of the quotes, and I am glad that it is not only me who feels or thinks like I do and that it is normal to feel like this’’- this is a comment of a college girl from Guwahati who received the book as a gift from her best friend. Almost same comment came from the other side of the country. Neeta Bhawalkar, an advertising agency copywriter said- “The brief one-liners expressed a phenomenal mindscape of a young mind, irrespective of gender.’ The comments came on the book PEN DOWN by Taposhree Baruah. 

The book is an anthology of quotes, that depicts life, love and beyond, derived from the mind of a college girl from Guwhati. The book gained popularity mostly among young readers who want to see the world from a different perspective. This a book that you can open and read anywhere and everywhere where you are feeling ‘yourself’ and want to feel ’yourself’ because while reading the book, the quotes that it comprises, you will relate and as said by one of its readers that you might find yourself in some of the quotes.

This is an excerpt of the conversation with Taposhree Baruah.

Q. How this form of writing came to your mind? Any back story?

In the year 2019 I went to a book fair held in Guwahati, there I was trying to find a book that comprises of quotes alone, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a book and that point striked me with the thought that oh there is no such book that I am looking for’’. But again, if you are not finding what you are looking for, create that thing, so in the month of July, 2021 one night out of nowhere I started writing down my thoughts and thereafter within a few months I completed the book that I was searching for in the book fair way back in 2019 but couldn’t find it then.

Q. What sets this book apart and why people should read it?

Well, every reader will get the chance while reading this book to interpret the meaning, the story, the emotion that is behind every thought penned down in this book according to their own understanding as each one of ours experiences of life are very different and we make sense of things very differently, we think things differently and thus this book is perfect for all those who love to think in their own terms, view the  world in their own terms and not in the terms set by ‘others’. The readers will come across in total 189 different thoughts each of which has a story to tell which again will be different for different readers.

In short, this book is the ‘celebration of thoughts’, thoughts that knows no boundaries, no directions but are powerful enough as our very thoughts only makes us act in the way we do.

Q3. How the readers expressed their views on your book?

The readers especially the youth have found the book very relating because in this book I have put in thoughts that talks about mental health, self-love, hope, life, motivation, acceptance, social issues etc that youth can relate to. Some of the readers have in fact said that after reading the book they felt very positive and motivated, some felt touched with the life element that they found while reading the book, while others said that they found themselves in some of the thoughts. The responses are overwhelmingly positive and I am grateful.

04. Please tell something about the eye-catching cover page.

The cover page has been photographed by a senior photographer and film maker Utpal Datta, the cover design, typography and layout has been done by Dr. Sanjib Borah, a professor by profession in a university and an artist be passion. In fact, there is a story behind the cover page. The hand in the cover page is actually mine, basically I was talking with Utpal uncle about the cover page, and then he suddenly told me to hold the pen that he gifted me that day only and then he clicked the photo in the natural sunlight that gave the perfect shadow of my hand as you can see in the cover page  and that is how the cover page of my book came into being ( smiles), I call the cover page of my book ‘cover story’ because there is a story behind it too.         

05. What will be your next book?

My next book will also be a book on thoughts, but not similar to Pen down. In fact, preparations for my second book is underway because everyday of my life has something or the other that inspires me to think, and I come across with some beautiful, thoughtful thoughts of mine that I would love share with the whole world.

‘Pen Down’ is now available only in online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and on publisher’s online store. Interested readers may check this book on the following link of the publisher –

Please read this lively book named ‘Pen Down’, and  don’t forget to sense the life that the book carries…and yes, the author has rightfully said ‘words are enough’.

Taposhree Baruah is an essayist, debater, anchor, social worker, speaker and a quodophile.  


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