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Word of mouth is no longer face to face. It’s online! – Nik Mulani

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This year has taught us all the power of going digital. Digital media consumption is on the rise, and as we look towards 2021, it will take more targeted strategies to meet goals effectively. After the unprecedented challenges of 2020, brands are now harnessing the potential digital media provides with renewed enthusiasm. “​The focus of marketing is shifting almost entirely to digital,” states Nik Mulani, Chief Business Officer at digital brand-building company Digital Nod

“As things change, the shift from traditional marketing to more modern channels is changing the way we use apps and social media platforms,” adds Nik. Understanding how digitalization has revolutionized consumer behavior in 2020 is crucial to take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Nik shares three online trends that will boost branding in the new year.

1​. Media Placement

“​Your content has to be targeted,” states Nik. “Media placement is about ensuring it gets in front of your audience at the right time.” The right media placement can increase conversion rates extensively and leverage the purchasing power of your audience. Nik explains, “It’s about understanding your customer’s buying journey. Placing your media strategically throughout their experience sets your brand up for repeat sales.” 

2​. Social Media Growth

“​Social media was one of the biggest saviors of 2020,” says Nik. “When activities were limited due to regulations, everyone turned to social media building communities and audiences at record speed.” Social media fostered connections keeping brands visible and relevant to their customers. Nik explains further, “everyone is on social media. It’s important to engage with your followers and build your social media following.”

3​. Reviews

R​eviews are no longer optional. They are essential. People are hesitant to do business with a brand with negative or nonexistent reviews. 97% of consumers say reviews factor into their buying decision, and reviews show an 18% increase in sales. “Online reputation management is crucial,” says Nik. “Word of mouth is no longer face to face. It’s online.”

When it comes to digital media, 2021 is looking promising. Nik states, “brands are succeeding online, and 2020 has opened new opportunities for individuals and companies to go digital.”

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