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Tea Sea’s latest Single “Vitals” is perfect For You To Listen If you want to have a melancholic Evening

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In the R&B landscape there are plenty of emerging artists who are making a mark in the scene with their talent. This year, there have been many R&B artists who have built up the momentum within the music realm over the past year. These artists have amused the audiences with their talent and created a proper mark with their magnificent music in recent times. Similarly,There’s one American native and R&B singer who is quite engrossing and is definitely one of those without a ceiling potential wise, he is Tea Sea, one of the few you should keep tabs on this year.

Tea Sea was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and now resides in Maryland. Sea who debuted in 2018, with his independent mixtape named “Kaleidoscope Jellyfish”, Sea has distinguished himself from the scene owing to his amazing voice texture and skills. He says that artists like Kid Cudi, Future and Lil Wayne have inspired him to a great extent. He is an independent artist who released his latest single ‘vitals’ in 2021. The song perfectly captures the difference between the romanticized version of love versus how it takes place in reality. Vitals falls in the contemporary genre of music. The inspiration behind Vitals sprung from mental mania which one usually experiences after falling in love with someone. He knew that people are more prone to concentrate on the better side of love and relationships. However, he wanted to focus on the discomfort and vulnerable side of love.

With his songs Tea Sea has always been delivering different vibes in every individual song for different moods. “My passion towards music and writing started at a very early age and I grasped the skill skin deep growing up,” says the music artist. This song is destined to place Tea Sea’s career-high in the music industry.

In case you want to hear his emotional and groovy single, Vitals is now streaming on both Spotify and SoundCloud.

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