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Sachin Patel: “Making a Difference is the Best Motivatior”

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In an insanely rapid world, an equally insane economy is inevitable. With its many highs and lows, the world of modern business is not for the faint of heart nor for the traditionalist. To survive in these waters, it’s adapt or drown. Last week, we had the pleasure of discussing this idea with a certain, adept fish in the Houston sea, Mr. Sachin Patel. Patel, at the young age of only 23, has taken his parents’ cash checking business by the horns in order to expand his family legacy and help with the next generation of the Patel businesses.

As a relatively youthful fellow, Patel “know[s] how important it is to never miss an advancement in tech” and how quickly “the entire cash checking scene changes when a new bank comes to play in the area.”

By owning and operating five check cashing locations across the greater Houston area, with optimistic plans to open more across southern and northern Texas, Sachin has had a chance to watch the facilities’ effect on the community, as clients come to send money to family and friends in need internationally, for a small fee, of course.

His locations are newly equipped with MoneyGram, Western Union, and other trademarked companies to streamline the process of check-cashing and money delivery for all his clients. On top of being able to send money across the globe, Patel’s company is able to hand out money orders for customers to pay landlords for their rent.

Money orders are a safer, more traceable way for both tenants and landowners to ensure transactions are secure. As such, Sachin explains that “different locations attract different volumes of people coming through the door based on what surrounds each facility.”

He tells us that “locations around apartment complexes will usually bring in more people than locations, say, in the suburbs.” Patel highlights that being able to “impact so many people on a daily basis is what drags [him] out of bed every morning,” and “making a difference is the best motivator.” To keep up with Sachin Patel’s business endeavors, as well as a slice of life, he can be found on Instagram at the handle @ptp_sachin. More on Mr. Patel’s fresh view of the financial world is coming soon!

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