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Rosemarie Guadalupe Sheds Light on the Biggest Challenges When Starting your Career in 2021

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Starting a career online is a challenge, but it can be even more intimidating if you’re trying to start out in 2021. So many people have already been posting for many years, it can seem impossible to stand out and start making money online. Rosemarie Guadalupe is an Instagram star and online model, and here are her tips for breaking in.

Rosemarie Guadalupe is also known by the name Sazon de Puerto Rico, which means “flavor of Puerto Rico.” She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram – a considerable number – since she only began posting in 2019. She loves modeling and thinks that social media makes a significant impact on her business. “I couldn’t do what I do without my online presence,” she said. “I depend on social media to make my money, so I have a lot of insight on what it takes to make it big.” She doesn’t think that it’s too late to start a career online. “Just because people have been doing something longer than you doesn’t mean that they’re better at it than you are,” she said. “Audiences are looking for something new and spicy, and new content creators can provide that. Don’t give up before you’ve even started.” Guadalupe stresses that it’s essential to be committed to your online presence and post consistently. Otherwise, people will forget about you, and your content won’t get boosted as high as you want it to within the algorithm. At least once a day is a good idea, but it depends on what platform you’re using, so do your research. She also regularly collaborates with other creators and travels to get the perfect shot. “Don’t let your profile be boring. Switch things up. Show that you care enough to make things unique for them. A ton of mirror selfies won’t cut it, no matter how beautiful you are.”

Sazon de Puerto Rico also works in the adult entertainment industry. She has an OnlyFans profile, where she’s earned over $1,000,000 so far. If you want to make it in this industry, she recommends posting modeling pics first as she did. “You need to reel people in,” says Guadalupe. “They’ll find you through Instagram or your chosen platform, then realize that they want more content. That’s the easiest way to get new subscribers.” She also recommends that any adult entertainer makes sure that they’re comfortable with their body and with the type of content they plan to put out. “If you’re uncomfortable, it will be obvious to your audience. If you enjoy what you’re doing, other people will know that and will enjoy it, too.” Lastly, engage with your audience as much as possible, both on Instagram and on OnlyFans. “People want to have a personal relationship with you and feel like you’re close to them. If you don’t respond to any messages, that won’t happen. Don’t let them take up too much of your time, but make sure you’re ready to engage.”

If you want to make it online, there’s no time like the present to start your profile! As long as you follow Rosemarie’s advice, you’re set up for success.

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