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Proving himself as an inspiration for the musical youth Revee from Italy setting bars

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Music is an art that is loved and enjoyed by every next individual. It works as a therapy for many people of this globe. Music changes our mood and also releases our stress. It makes souls happy. If we talk more about it, there is a huge competition going in the music world. Every singer, song writer or composer is trying their level best to give the best songs to their industry and audience. This is definitely not an easy task to do, it requires your hard work, passion and dedication. Making of a music is a very creative process and is definitely not a cake walk.


Giovanni Brugnoli also known as Revee is one of the brilliant singers, song writers and creators who is growing into better musician day by day. He has done many music projects until now and still continuing with a hardworking spirit. He has been always passionate and dedicated towards his goal. He wants to see himself as one of the best singers of the world in the coming future.

Recently in 2020, he has signed a new recording contract and on August 3, 2020 and has released his new single “Voglio Morire” which has over 200,000 streams cross-platform and over 200,000 views on YouTube that is unbelievable.

In 2021, he has been broadcasted on TV (Discovery Channel, RealTime, Food Network, DMax) and Radio (Virgin Radio, Radio105, R101) on the main Italian television and radio channels in a commercial for the purpose of raising awareness about the right disposal of waste. He is also going to release his new album very soon.
He is well planned and well prepared for his coming future. He is currently working on his second studio album which is named as “Auurora” and is release in 2022. He is also focusing on writing his first book called “Destroying the magic world of influencer”. He is now one of the most talented creators and influencer of Italy. He is also a learned who believes in learning and improving every day. He also faced number of difficulties and hurdles in the way of his success but he never dared to give up.
This is his urge, never give up attitude , believe in himself, confidence that always pushed him to follow his dreams and never stopped in what he is doing . He never left his focus from his goals this is the reason and love for his music that kept him going and made him what he is today. Someday has rightly said you can achieve whatever you want if you are determined and focused, this is surely proved by Revee. He has become an inspiration for everyone out there. He is getting better day by day. In whatever situation he never misses any chance to improve himself that is amazing.


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