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Pathfinder in Private Military school and policy on Sainik school in India.

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Major Pravin Singh (Veteran) has done his school education in Chhattisgarh at Raipur, Jagdalpur and Rajnandgaon and graduated from the University of Allahabad with first Division.

He was commissioned in 1996 in the Indian Army as Officer in 17 Parachute Field Regiment from Officers Training Academy (Chennai) as Best Cadet Commissioned in Regiment of Artillery. He is a qualified paratrooper and heavy drop specialist with a Gallantry award in the jungle terrain of Manipur.

Chhattisgarh Police employed him as SP / Commandant heading the Police Training Center at Boregaon (Dist. Kondagaon).

He has headed the MBP Military School at Gondia as Commandant since 2007, and the cadets of same are now at National Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy and Officers training academy. This school has given many international athletes who have represented India apart from many more who have represented the state in national games.

He has started Confluence Military School (First Private Military School

of Chhattisgarh) and Cardinal Warriors with an intention to contribute by grooming its cadets to become officers in the Army, Navy and Air Force, IAS, IFS, IES, Doctors, CA or Sportsman as per their latent skill and aptitude with proper guidance and training.

A study was conducted on the feasibility of operating private Sainik schools by the Defence Intelligence Agency on his school. Based on this project report, 100 Sainik Schools have been announced and given Cabinet approval.

He has been awarded the Leadership award in 2018 as Pathfinder in a Private Military School in India.

“In military Schools, the students get associated with the word Sainik (Soldier) very early in life. They remain a soldier throughout their lives. This implies a basic orientation towards discipline, hard work, consistency and courage.”

Who is an ideal candidate for a Military School?

1. Students who are struggling academically.

2. Students who require hands-on attention.

3. Students who work well in social environments.

4. Students with an athletic mindset.

5. Students who require structure and training.

The main advantage of studying in a military school is that students can bear more physical, mental and social stress in comparison with their peer groups. 

They are mentally and physically more tougher when compared to other students.”

“Military Colleges and Schools provide the structure, focus and leadership opportunities that facilitates and supports a rich liberal arts education.”

Making men and women out of boys and girls.

“Military Schools are the quality standard schooling that all grounded and mature parents and students are seeking. These Schools are a good balance of affordability and quality. The students who are lucky to be schooled at these institutions emerge with a distinct advantage over their peers.”

“Military Schools are powered by a vision to create capable citizens who are national assets. This gives the students immense grounding and vision. They become the pride of their families, community, society and country.”

“Amongst the students in military schools there is an intense bonding. The connections of friendship developed under challenging conditions are the strongest and the most enduring.”

Children who are involved in sports from an early age are always seen to be more proactive in-class activities. Playing different sports and games in school helps children to grow fast and understand things quickly.

So, here we present you Josh Concept of Learning, where students will enjoy physical training in the school, which will help them in better growth and development.

Learn with Cardinal Warriors School and let your child grow with Josh Concept.

Better knowledge, better comprehension of learning outcomes and better competency of a teacher helps to impart great quality education. Sharing learning outcomes with the learner is an initiative to develop a partnership with students, develop a sense of ownership and prepare them to become active learners in learning activities.

So, here we present you the Hosh Concept of Learning, where we teach students with modern equipment and technologies and help them in overall development by clearing their core concepts and assisting them with teamwork and cooperation. This will help them grow themselves to become a better person and guide them to achieve their life goals.

Learn with Cardinal Warriors School and let your child grow with Hosh Concept.

Physically fit, mentally alert and morally straight.

Be what you want to be.

Reach us at 7880006456


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