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Now Your Pet Can Become an NFT on the Blockchain!

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Technologist and Inventor, Dennis Fountaine has seen the future of NFTs and the MetaVerse and it’s not more Bored Apes, expensive digital art, or Cryptocurrencies – but in his vision – the future of the Blockchain will be all about duplicating our real lives digitally into the MetaVerse.  This personal digital duplication will include our family, pets, travels, and interests, which will all be incorporated into our own personal NFT life story.  Fountaine’s vision will give us all the opportunity to leave our Life’s Legacy on the Blockchain for all eternity. This will benefit future generations and give us all a kind of digital immortality. NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens which represent digital assets. Think of them as something like a single Crypto-Token, but unlike a Coin like Bitcoin, they are non-fungible – meaning they aren’t changeable.  Once it is placed (Minted) on the Blockchain, your ownership is digitally solidified in that particular asset, which becomes the NFT. Your ownership in the digital asset cannot be changed unless you sell or trade the NFT. Fountaine, along with his Company, Meta Republix, LLC., has now designed a unique approach for anyone (knowledgeable or not in Crypto Technologies) to get involved with NFTs – through their Pets. Who wouldn’t want an NFT of their favorite furry best friend? Called “My Pet NFT”, now anyone can make their very own NFTs of their pets – simply by going on the My LifeVerse website and walking through the process. Fountaine has developed a simple step-by-step process for anyone, no matter your technical skills, to turn any photo or image of your pet into an NFT. Since most owners will want to keep their pet’s NFT and not sell or trade them, Fountaine and Meta Republix have devised an innovative companion Pet NFT trading game, which can actually earn you money and points.   Every time you create an NFT of your pets, ten companion NFTs (called Petattoos) are generated – these become the collectible, tradeable and sellable versions of your pet’s NFT. Additional Petattoos can be purchased. These Petattoos can be collected, sold, and traded, just like any other NFT. The whole process takes a few minutes and costs between $49-$79, depending on how creative you want to get.  Custom NFTs are also available, and hand designed by Meta Republix’s notable NFT Artists. These NFTs range from $399 for a static (still frame) NFT up to $599 for an animated NFT. Custom NFTs will generate twenty-five Petattoos for trading and selling. My Pet NFT is a great way to immortalize and memorialize a pet for all eternity on the Blockchain. It makes a great gift for a pet’s birthday or passing to celebrate and remember always that Pet’s Life. 


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