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Nikhil Kashyap, a rising digital marketing expert from India.

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Nikhil Kashyap is a rising digital marketer of India. His way of working in digital marketing is advanced. He is from the small town of Bihar, Muzaffarpur, India. He is the co-founder and director of a digital marketing company called -‘ dot it’.He is a Google and Facebook certified digital marketing expert.

Nikhil Kashyap started learning digital marketing he was 18. He is also an entrepreneur, website developer, android & IOS developer, and expert in music marketing. He started his career as a digital marketer in the year 2018, but he always used to play with new technology, Heavy Recession in those days made him choose digital marketing as a career. Being a positive-minded person, He has taken that hard phase of his life to working as a digital marketer.

Being a positive-minded person, He has taken that hard phase of his life to work as a digital marketer. In the last few years, digital marketing has become the route for future growth. However, few selected persons were able to nurse the success of the industry in India right from the start and one such person is the rising Digital Marketer Nikhil Kashyap. He managed to establish himself as one of the best digital marketers in India.

With so many achievements, he has worked with so many clients worldwide on some very interesting projects. His company, dot it has worked with more than 50 companies until now. Dot it has 6 working members right now. He has helped many startups grow in eCommerce and other industries to grow and become huge. A lot of businesses succeed because of their marketing and advertising strategies

Nikhil Kashyap has also promoted a web series, Katha Balika Grih Aashray Ki. The series is inspired by the true events of Balika Grih Kand, which happened in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, and right now he is working with some big names in the music industry of the USA, UK, and UAE. After that, he has also stepped into the entertainment industry.

It’s easy to get caught in a pattern of doing the same thing, but when those patterns aren’t working anymore, your company’s growth stops. When it comes to helping a business move, Nikhil Kashyap uses a combination of reliable and scalable systems that he’s learned through knowledge and experience, and mow he is helping many musicians, rappers, and music production companies to achieve their goals. He is promoting musicians, rappers  & singers   worldwide.

A rising digital marketing expert of India

While talking about the success Nikhil said, “He picked up expensive knowledge and experience from the golden opportunities that came in the way. His skill grew rapidly. The hands-on experience made all the difference, But this is just a start there is a lot more to learn and grow.

His current clients belong to different industries like real estate biggies, Educational institutions, Doctors, Influencer, Singers, Actors, and many more. Being a digital marketer, Nikhil knows how to help brands in the ever-changing landscape of social media. His experience in the field demonstrates that he knows how to successfully help people grow their reach and impact.

Today, Nikhil is providing a way for brands and influencers to leverage the power of social media using viral marketing techniques that have worked incredibly well for him over the past few years, and he is still learning and applying new techniques no matter what the specific niche ,through his marketing technique and strategies, his dream is to help his clients to build and scale their work, so they too can live life on their terms.

Follow him for  boost your business in this digital world.

* Instagram — @inikhilkashyap01

* Facebook– Nikhil Kashyap

*Linked in–Nikhil Kashyap


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