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Miley Cyrus Gets Candid to Bare All in New TikTok Series

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Pop sensation Miley Cyrus is delving into the facets of her life in a new TikTok series titled “Used To Be Young,” where she reminisces about her childhood until the age of 30. The series takes its name from her latest single. During the engaging sessions, Cyrus opened up about her distinct relationship with fame, drawing parallels and contrasts with her father, renowned country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Recalling her early days, Cyrus pointed out that her father’s hit country track “Achy Breaky Heart” was topping the charts when she was born. She offered insights into her perspective on fame, highlighting that behind the numbers are actual people deriving joy from the music. She emphasized that figures hold no power to alter her core identity.

Cyrus then illuminated the divergent ways in which she and her father perceive fame. Noting her upbringing on a soundstage within a tightly-knit family structure, she indicated her financial and emotional stability. In contrast, her father’s background lacked similar stability. Fame carried a deeper resonance for him due to his past experiences. She affirmed that his sense of validation from a vast audience held more emotional significance for him than it did for her. Her father’s journey through fame was akin to healing old wounds, whereas she always felt like a star.

Cyrus credited her father for nurturing her passion for music and praised his singing prowess, mentioning that he was underappreciated vocally.

Addressing her approach to touring, Cyrus shared her perspective on its unnatural and isolating nature. She conveyed that the life of a performer, condensed into a 90-minute show, demands an equal amount of recovery and rest. The need for a certain level of ego during tours often overshadows authenticity, making it challenging to disconnect.

Cyrus revealed that the dynamic between her and her fans as both subject and observer became unhealthy for her. This disconnection impacted her creative process, particularly her songwriting.

In terms of her recent musical endeavors, Cyrus expressed her decision to halt touring and instead released a Hulu backyard session titled “Miley Cyrus: Endless Summer Vacation: Continued.” She performed at select music festivals in the past year and made appearances such as a tribute concert and Grammy performances.

Through this TikTok series, Cyrus has not only offered insights into her personal journey but has also underscored the complex dynamics of fame and the toll it can take on artists’ lives.

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