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Meet India’s First Male Witch Dr Anujj Elviis

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Nature holds power, power to change everything and anything. Abundance of power when channelised properly can be of great benefit. Dr. Anujj Elviis, often designated as India’s first male witch. He is a professional celebrity psychic energy healer and a consultant, and also the co-founder of The Earth Temple, an NGO that helps children with their education

Anujj chose the unconventional path for his career and got recognised for his works across the globe. He has been entitled and awarded with awards such as Master of Wicca Award 2018, Wicca King of India 2019, Golden Arc Award – Excellent Contribution in the field of Occult Sciences 2020

Gyan Kalash award, Sahitya Ratna Award 2021, Wicca Expert Award- 2021and the list goes on and on.

Dr Anujj Elviis was born in a Christian family and was raised to be a Christian priest, and this helped him to understand religion better. Dr Anujj’s journey as an energy healer and occult specialist started at a very young age because of an event that changed his life forever. The journey started from the age of 13 when Anujj was suffering from jaundice, the ailment was so severe that no could heal him and they gave up, when science failed his mother took him to mystics and trantrics, a Tantra practitioner who healed him and Anujj recovered from jaundice soon after. As a gesture of respect Anujj went to thank the practitioner where he revealed that he was brought back to good health with special powers, and that was it. Already curious Anujj, who was already attracted towards spirituality, mysticism after the incident grew more curious and thereafter there was no looking back as in subsequent days and weeks he felt things that were unusual and unconventional.

Though, after the meeting with the tantric practitioner Anujj was not really sure about the things he was told, soon willingly or unwillingly he had to agree. Anujj realized that he was encountering spirits of relatives, friends and acquaintances who passed away in the preceding days, but his claims were disregarded and no one believed him but he didn’t stop, his curiosity grew and he started practicing Basic Elemental Magik, and delved deeper into the subject.

With time, and more practice and knowledge Anujj honed his skills and realized that the path he was on was much wider than he expected it to be. It took time for Anujj to realize the importance and power of responsibilities that he holds. He then would foretell events to family and friends. This was shocking and surprising at the same time for everyone. Due to this, Anujj’s childhood at school was mostly at his favorite place, an old cemetery, rather than with his friends. Kids maintained distance from Anujj due to his special powers and hence never had many friends who could join him during recess or free time. The schooling phase was over and then the incidents after his graduation changed his outlook towards the world and pushed him deeper into occultism.

Anujj possessed special abilities from birth, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, and other psychic abilities. The power to foresee future events, communicate with spirits, and the list goes on. With special focus on prayers, energy work, meditation, and divination, Anujj believes that Magik is divine power and its working can bring a change in the world through the person. because he believes Magik is the Divine working through which a person can bring change in the world. Anujj path is based on three simple principles–  Knowledge of Self, Power over Self, Control over Self. These principles made him an expert in his field.

He has expertise in Wicca, Hoodoo, Conjure Work, Root Work, Reiki, Tarot, Rune Reading, Angelic guidance and Oracle reading in his practice, along with Vaastu consultancy and has been helping people since a long time.

Dr Anujj remarks, “Fake Gurus and Con-artists, ruining people’s life for their own benefit, have made things very difficult for the real practitioners. Unfortunately, those who follow their calling in the Craft are shunned or worse many are killed in the name of religion and beliefs in the world, and unfortunately India is no exception. People are still killed because of suspected witchcraft in this country.”

According to a survey conducted by India Times, over 150 women were murdered across India in 2014 for suspected black magic.

Hence, Anujj Elviis aims to build a community of  like minded people who feel the call back to nature, who seek inner truth, and who seek to be of service to society. Anujj Elviis offers various free and paid courses on occultism to enthusiasts in India and across the globe on various subjects and also conducts workshops all over India.

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