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Meet Hari Prakash an Famous Developer

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Here in the upcoming world. There was significant growth in developer productivity in India according to the State of the Octo verse 2020.

As per the report, developer productivity grew 46 % year over the year in 2020. There was a growth of 103.1 % in the total number of active students on the platform. The number of open-source contributors from India on the platform has also increased by 5.2 per cent this year, as per the report

Hari Prakash is a prominent contemporary graphic designer. His unconventional and experimental graphic style revolutionized the graphic design.

On November 19, 2002, Hari was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He went on to study B-Tech from Dewan Group Of Institutes. He touched upon graphic designing briefly while attending a two-week commercial designing class from an industrialist workshop, in 2019. Subsequently, he attended the IBM Industry graphic designing and a three-week workshop in Delhi as a part of his degree. He also took up a teaching job at a Computer Centre where he taught for 2 years. Besides, his many talents include professional surfing.

Hari Prakash embarked on his passion for graphic designing in his later life. In the beginning he worked as a teacher of programming. Self and Musician, covering surfers’ interests. His early experiences also include working for a IT company which paved way for his experimental designing.

At such a young age, he has achieved much more than many of his fellow beings. He is currently a Young Developer and wishes to work for the country.


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