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Madison Dalmaso to Be Part of the Next Season of “The Social Movement”

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 [A1]Please check the questionnaire to confirm if the client has to be referred to as Madison Dalmaso or Madison Rose, and make changes accordingly across the article.

Even in front of people you know, making a presentation can be daunting, and that’s why public speaking is considered a great challenge for most people. It is, however, inevitable that you’ll speak in public at some point.

The outcome of your public speaking affects how people perceive you and your proficiency in the topic at hand. Being a successful motivational coach means that Madison Dalmaso is often speaking to audiences, fairly large ones. 

Soon, Dalmaso will be talking to a lot of new people as she preps for the new season of the streaming series “The Social Movement.” We caught up with Dalmaso, who shared the techniques she will be using to maximize her presence on the show. These are also helpful tips for those who are looking to boost their public speaking skills.

  • Voice control

When you get nervous, your voice will often betray you by cracking and breaking. You can improve on this by learning helpful breathing exercises to help control your voice. Dalmaso recommends that you breathe deeply, thoroughly, and from your diaphragm. Through this breathing exercise, you can give your voice more power, and it is a technique that has worked for many people.

  • Body language

Your body has a way of communicating what you’re feeling without the need for words. An audience can pick up on your non-verbal communication from your facial expressions, gestures, and movements. Therefore, you must stand up straight and have a good posture when delivering your speech or presentation.

Dalmaso also recommends that you assume command of the room. This will build your confidence and attract the attention of your audience. It is also essential that you appear comfortable and not too stoic. Furthermore, remember to have facial reactions and maintain eye contact from time to time. Ultimately, your stage presence matters as much as your public speaking skills.

  • Audience connection

This is the most important aspect Dalmaso is focusing on as she prepares for her role in “The Social Movement.” Never forget that at the heart of your presentation or speech is your audience. Therefore, you must be in tune with your audience. Read the room and ensure that you adjust to their mood. Acknowledging your audience soon as you walk in and engaging them will hold their attention throughout the speech, says Dalmaso. Moreover, be sure to find a nice balance with your audience; when you deliver, put your point across, and still ensure your audience enjoys your presentation.

Along with these tips, Dalmaso stresses the importance of delivery. Even if you do everything right, your delivery can wear out your audience very fast, especially when they can’t follow what you’re saying. Speaking from experience, she encourages public speakers to plan and practice consistently. 

Please check the questionnaire to confirm if the client has to be referred to as Madison Dalmaso or Madison Rose, and make changes accordingly across the article.

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