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Mabast King – The YouTube Sensation From Iraq

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Mabast Bahaden, popularly known as Mabast King is an Iraqi sensation and a publicly loved content creator residing in Iraq. The basic moral of Mabast’s content is spreading happiness by creating humorous and comedy videos. He is known to people as a creative content artist. The platform through which Mabast delivers his content is ‘Youtube’. He is a renowned creator among the locals as he has a subscriber count of 300k (as of 2021) on his youtube channel.

Mabast ‘King’ Behaden was born on 27th January 1999 in his hometown of Erbil, Kurdistan. He was born to Mr Behaden and Mrs Yasamin. He is Kurdish, however, he is apparently settled in Iraq. He is a Muslim and follows Islam. T the age of just 22 (as of 2021), he has become a well-known Internet sensation. Mabast also has a sibling in the form of his brother named Bahast and both brothers seem to have immense love for each other.

Mabast attended Rastyar High School in Erbil. After completing school, he studied at Erbil Polytechnic University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.

On completion of his Bachelor’s Degree, Mabast Behaden started a Youtube Channel with the name ‘Mabast King’. He believes in the fact laughter is the best way to reduce stress. And thus, he started creating content on his Youtube channel with the base ‘Comedy and Humour’. He soon came to the limelight as his channel started growing due to the amount of effort he put into his videos. He is very consistent with his work and that’s what brought him fame and success. Mabast now has over 300k subscribers on Youtube (as of 2020). Along with Youtube, he also started posting snippets and videos on Tiktok, which was largely acknowledged and appreciated by the audience.

Along with his humorous videos, Mabast also produces Rap Music. He began launching his Rap singles and albums in the digital world. The lyrics of his rap songs majorly expose the reality of the Kurdish government. ‘Warzi Stan’ is a track produced by Mabast which went viral and received immense love from the people. His rap songs are mainly in his native Kurdish language.

Mabast has many milestone followers on several social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. He recently achieved the feat of 20k followers on Insatgram, which is not a joke. Mabast works hard for the content he creates and is immensely dedicated towards it. Hence, the results have showered in the form of popularity he has gained on digital media.

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