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Let’s know about Strictly Organics, an environment friendly organisation.

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Strictly Organics started from a humble middle-class family who thought to introduce safe and healthy food and personal care to the community. 

Founder Namita Gupta, a 70 years Young Grandmother, was very worried and upset because of her family’s health. Her husband passed away due to issues related to liver and stomach. A Non-Smoker and Non-Drinker suffered the same as someone who does. This was the outcome of toxins in his daily life which he used. She decided to use only organic and natural products for her family. After years of living this lifestyle and noticing the positive differences in their life, she decided to start a venture along with her granddaughter in law who had little experience in the business. With the help of family and friends, they started strictly organics. 

It was established in the year 2021 and since then its been running in the beautiful valley of Dehradun. An organic, natural and non-toxic personal care Brand. Strictly organics has woven to provide health and care to everyone with keeping the prices in mind for the masses. She believes that health and wellness should not be an option but rather standard.

We try to source the ingredients directly from the Himalayas and prepare them with a blend of traditional and modern techniques so that they don’t lose their originality. We are also helping to generate women employment in the local area. It is a totally women-owned and majorly women-run business. We are also looking at the major environmental crisis and trying to keep all our products VEGAN and we use only a single layer of packaging and try not to give extra packaging or layers of one time use plastic or paper. We have started an initiative in our local area to collect newspapers from households and to use them in place of bubble wraps or any new packaging papers for shipping. This helps our vision of recycling and keep our carbon footprint in all aspects of the business close to neutral. We aim to be plastic neutral till 2025, which means that for every amount of plastic we use, an equivalent of plastic waste will be recovered and removed from the environment.

Strictly Organics is proud to be a 100% Indian brand. Trust us when we say, “you have never been in a more aromatic office before”.

At Strictly Organics, we are committed to providing organic, sustainable, natural, and effective products in a safe and affordable way.

Strictly Organics products are completely organic and derived from natural sources. We ensure the products are the best and safe for you to use. We use the clinically safest and effective preservative system. We use preservatives in all of our products to ensure the products are safe when you use them. We include preservatives at less than 1% that keep our products and consumers safe from getting affected by any concerns.

Our team is always looking for ways and methods to improve and enhance the formulas used in our products. We continue to strive to use the most natural and sustainable sources for our products. Strictly Organics is a completely cruelty-free company. We are committed to refrain from any kind of animal testing of our products. We also make sure to source from suppliers who do not test on animals. Strictly Organics is a completely vegan brand, i.e. we don’t use any animal-based derivatives and animal by-products, such as lanolin, honey, and beeswax.

Our commitment towards environment conservation and sustainability remains of the greatest priority. We use only a single layer of packaging and try not to give extra packaging or coatings of one-time-use plastic or paper.  Carbon Neutral is a practice of releasing no net carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of carbon offsetting. We aim to be plastic and carbon neutral till 2025, which means for every amount of plastic we use, an equivalent of plastic waste will be recovered and removed from the environment by us.

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