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Jairo Escobar’s Journey to Becoming a YouTube Star

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A Toronto-based Latino YouTube star? Are you sure you are reading it right? Well, that’s usually most people’s response in a nutshell when they hear about a YouTube sensation coming from Venezuela. The reason is, there aren’t many Latino YouTubers who have more than a quarter of a million subscribers. But Jairo Rafael Escobar Cordoba isn’t your ordinary Latino. He has come a long way to become one of the most viewed Latino YouTubers based in Toronto.

This Venezuelan entrepreneur was born in Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar, Venezuela, on 3rd March 1999. Escobar had a knack for video content from a young age. From comedic vlogs to tag videos, Escobar is now a professional in various types of YouTube content.

A young YouTube content developer

Escobar didn’t have his personal YouTube channel until 2019. But that didn’t stop him from developing YouTube and Instagram content for media like Toronto Party Commission, Jairon558, and RealJairoEscobar. In a recent interview, Escobar revealed, “I wanted to see the reaction of people when they saw my videos. Even if the videos didn’t have my name in the end, I would still be happy because of the views the videos got. That helped me get an idea about the types of videos that my future audience would like. And so, I now make tag videos, comedic vlogs, and challenges.”

Reaching 250,000 subscribers

It’s never easy to reach 250,000 subscribers in 2 years unless you are already a celebrity. People say that they can’t imagine a Venezuelan going this mark in just a couple of years. It’s a record that will stand for years. But how did Escobar manage to make it happen? 

He says, “People already knew about my work when I had started making YouTube content since 2012. My videos used to get thousands of views, and the viewers commented about my work also. Jairo Escobar, my YouTube channel, now has most of those viewers as subscribers. I even requested my Instagram followers to subscribe to my channel. I think all these contributed to my reaching 250,000 subscribers in such a short time.”

Turning into a self-made entrepreneur

In 2017, Escobar started the first-ever Latino social media label based in Canada called the Venezuela Media Network Inc. He wanted to use his video-making skills in his media network. However, it became increasingly tough to tackle both his media network and YouTube. Escobar eventually had to sell Venezuela Media Network Inc. in 2019 to focus more on making better YouTube videos.

Escobar, the influencer

As already mentioned, you don’t often see a Latino YouTuber reaching 250,000 subscribers in under two years. Escobar’s immense success is rubbing off on other Latinos also. They consider him as their idol, their influencer. His subscribers follow his video-making skills to understand what makes the videos so fascinating and irresistible to watch.

You can also follow in Escobar’s footsteps if you see his YouTube videos. He gives many tips on how to get more views and subscribers. Listen to his advice, and you may soon see a significant improvement in your subscriber list.

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