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How is Cricket loved in India? Cricketkeeda Sports gives us a true glimpse of that!

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“India is a country where Cricket is worshipped” is probably the most common line you hear when you talk adjoin the words Cricket and India. Whatever you say, Cricket is worshipped, loved, followed, or what you feel like, but Cricket has a good emotional connection with every Cricket Fan in India.

Well! We are not here to essay upon the same. We will talk about the brand, which really has put forward the love for the game and its coverage on another level. We won’t delay it, the name is “Cricketkeeda Sports.”

Cricketkeeda Sports is a team of Cricket Enthusiasts who work their office out, complete their college assignments but simultaneously bring forward the Latest Cricketing Events for all the Cricket fans across the globe.

Cricketkeeda Sports has its coverage on all the trending Social Media platforms and a dedicated domain (

How was Cricketkeeda Sports set up?

Devansh had a passion for expressing his cricketing views to the World

Devansh Awasthi: Founder – Cricketkeeda Sports

Unlike other new Cricket News platforms where the ‘JIO-Boom’ brought Internet almost free for a year, Devansh Awasthi (The Founder) started it all back in the ‘pre-JIO’ era when 1 GB would cross around INR 100 for a month, i.e., in April 2016. If we talk about how the idea was coined, then Devansh told us, “I used to follow Cricket across the globe on a serious note since 2002. Even when I was a 12-year old kid, people around me (mostly they were a family-relatives) either played the game or at-least became a Cricket Journalist for the sake of your passion and knowledge. So, Cricket to me was a career option since I was in my school life. However, as life moved on and the demand of good career was presented from the family members, the focus shifted from Cricket Journalism to Engineering, like typical Indian middle-class families. But the flame of passion was still ignited. So, once I did my Engineering, I started with a Facebook page named “Cricketkeeda India Sports” and shared some WordPress blogs which I wrote on a regular basis.”

How had Cricketkeeda Sports evolved in the last five years fighting against the odds?

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However, later on, it evolved with Digital India to find its foot on YouTube and Instagram. YouTube analysis was a big success as it fetched more than 20,000+ Subscribers, and it also helped Instagram get 50,000+ followers. The Facebook Page also has approx. 18,000+ Followers, but keeping in mind that it was just a sidelined passion, it is really the thing to wish for. Devansh is a Software developer in a leading US-based IT Firm, and his teammates are still studying Graduation books. So altogether managing this is exceptional from Team Cricketkeeda Sports.

Let’s look up at the lads being this fantastic story!

Team Cricketkeeda Sports now has a team of 6 Interns, with 3 Managing Social Media and the other 3 bringing up the Latest of Cricketing Action for its regular readers.

Devansh Awasthi, who started it all, manages the YouTube completely and keep an eye on day-to-day activities across all the verticals.

All right then! What one can learn from Cricketkeeda Sports is to pursue Passion and Profession together can be an option. Nowadays, there are limited opportunities to get an admirable job until you are excellent in something. Still, you need to focus on your career-building, and if you like something apart from it, you can simultaneously manage your time accordingly to attain the Mental Peace of following your passion. It might sound too difficult, but once you are into it, your mind and body plan it accordingly.

Kudos to Team Cricketkeeda Sports and Devansh Awasthi, who was making things happen in cold waters. You guys also follow the link given below and catch all the Latest Cricketing Updates. Website :


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