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Hasan Almajidy: Popular music artist and influential entrepreneur in Iraq

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Hasan Almajidy is a popular Iraqi music artist, composer and producer of Arabic music of Iraqi origin. Hasan Almajidy was born in 1996 in Baghdad, Iraq. He is considered an influential music artist in Islamic religious rituals in the sad phase about the story of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, his birth, family and companions who were martyred in That battle (the incident of Karbala) in Iraq, and Hasan Almajidy was a creator of musical tunes in those rituals, and he was a music developer in the city of Baghdad. He appeared in many festivals in Baghdad and won many awards in art, melody and music. He issued popular musical publications in popular music, which he loved in the country. He was interested in sad music. He was a developer of modern musical instruments and made them better. He made the music good and was a contributor with creative musical artists about distribution companies and artistic production. He was the first digital distributor of music in Iraq, even though he lives in very poor neighborhoods in Baghdad and developed himself. All the poor artists contributed and supported them and supported the Husseini rituals and the readers of the Holy Qur’an. He has loved those rituals since his childhood. Because he was a researcher in Islamic religions, beliefs and sects

Hasan Almajidy started his musical life in the year 2020 and was creative in that short period, even though he was from his childhood. He loved the Hussainiya rites about the Prophet of Islam and brought many followers on social media about the influential and popular music in Iraq and got the largest monthly listener on the Spotify platform and he has popular music releases on YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and other international music platforms

Hasan Almajidy was one of the content makers in YouTube about modern technology and also because he is content makers in Technok and brought many followers about his popular releases on the TikTok platform.

Hasan Almajidy is also an entrepreneur explaining about developments in the Internet around the world. His last appearance in a television interview explains about the development of the Internet and what is happening in the future. He also has a great experience of online shopping in Amazon and other stores, buying and selling

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