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Gauriishankar Mistry’s “Inkkme Tattoo and Piercing” making the buzz for all the right reasons

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There are several talented beings in this world, who with their skills and talents, never fail to impress people and also go ahead in making their unique name in their industries. However, a few rare gems go ahead and create milestones in their career by doing the unusual and thriving off of their creative skills and abilities. A few years back, getting into the tattooing and piercing industry was not something every youngster dreamt about, but things have definitely changed for the better over the years, and more and more tattoo artists and professionals have emerged since then. One name that has been making all the buzz right now for all the right reasons is Gauriishankar Mistry, who owns “Inkkme Tattoo and Piercing”, a one of a kind Indore-based studio that has been flourishing due to Gauriishankar Mistry’s passion, determination and hard work.

Talking about his journey, Gauriishankar Mistry says that since his childhood, he was attracted to everything creative and artistic. This developed a passion for tattooing in him when he began sketching his body with markers. He was highly inspired by WWF superstars like the Undertaker, which increased his interest and passion. Hence, along with his 9-5 job, Gauriishankar Mistry began as a tattoo freelancer in 2007.

Working as a tattoo freelancer made him realize what his true calling was, and thus, in 2013, he quit his job to completely focus on building his career as a tattoo artist, which resulted in him founding Inkkme Tattoo Studio in Indore. This has now turned into a well-known and trusted tattoo and piercing studio, all thanks to Gauriishankar Mistry’s resilience and his constant learnings that helped him hone his skills and better him as a tattoo artist.

What has helped Gauriishankar Mistry and his studio Inkkme stand apart from others is their versatile team and their abilities to work with any type of tattoo design, mastering the art of tattoo making on the burned area skin cut, and any skin type. This turned people’s heads in the industry and also attracted many celebrities, resulting in collaborations with south actress Mallika Chaudhuri, KGF movie actor B.S Avinash and legend in the Indian tattoo industry, Sameer Patange.

So far, Gauriishankar Mistry has conducted various workshops and seminars to provide full-time training to aspiring tattoo artists and has been a part of the jury at the tattoo conventions. He even initiated Inkkme Tattoo Festival in Mumbai for providing a platform to many talented tattoo artists. Gauriishankar Mistry’s massive contribution to the tattoo industry has earned him many awards and accolades, including the Best Of Show at the Bhopal Tattoo Festival. He also became the first Indian to do the Full Body Biggest Tattoo.

Gauriishankar Mistry desires to expand his studio to all the Metro cities of India. Creating masterpieces in the form of tattoos have become a way of life for him, making him the most sought-after tattoo artist. To know more, follow Inkkme on Instagram @inkkmetattoos or visit the website,


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