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Game of skill – An Introduction

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As the market of fantasy sports apps is rapidly increasing, the debates regarding the different aspects of such gaming applications are inevitable. There are some people who compare these applications with traditional gambling but what is the percentage of truth in such kind of comparison? Let’s try to find out with the help of this interesting article.

As per the common understanding, those games which are based on chances, fortune or luck are called gamble while a kind of game which required certain kind of skill or ability is considered as,- game of skills. When you play any fantasy game, you have to follow the same procedure as the real-world games.  Let’s take an example of cricket, which is very common and easy to understand for the people of our nation. So, if you are playing fantasy cricket then you can select your favorite team, players, and tournaments and then participate in the competition.  If your selection and calculations regarding the game are accurate then you will win PRIZES which are in the form of money. The result of such kind of game is totally based on your understanding and knowledge about cricket. Unlike, gambling in which you don’t require any skill to win the game.

What is the opinion of market experts?

In the case of fantasy Sports, there are a lot of misconceptions in the minds of common men as we are not too familiar with them. So it would be better to consider the opinion of experts in this segment to know the reality.  According to the founder of Albatross Media, Mr Imran Shaikh-“Fantasy apps are very much similar to other sports applications like- Sudoku or Moto Racing, which requires a set of skills to win. As per the present growth rate, by the year 2025, we will have more than 100 million active players of fantasy sports apps all over the world. If I particularly talk about India, then I can say that at present only one-tenth potential is exploited and in the upcoming years, the market of fantasy sports will show miraculous growth numbers. The journey of fantasy sports application is in the initial phase in the Indian markets and it will turn out to be a profit enduring investment for the owners in future. In the upcoming years, we will witness several new fantasy gaming applications, based on- football, hockey, tennis and other sports.” Hence we can say that fantasy sports app business in a profitable investment for all those visionaries who understand the nature of the market.

What is the legal opinion?

In case of fantasy Sports, odds are in favour of developers and application owners, according to law fantasy sports, is a kind of entertainment platform which is based on the knowledge about a particular game, and it provides a chance to make money as well. According to a judgment of Chandigarh High Court, “there is no reason due to which fantasy sports should be included under the ambit of gambling.” As per Article 19(1) (g) of the Indian constitution, all business activities which require certain kind of skills are legal.

From the owners’ point of view, if they are offering a platform which has pre-decided prize money for winners and charging some amount for registration, then what is wrong in that? It is quite similar to any other business activity.

Hence, proved that fantasy sport is a game of skill and 100 % legal. But numerous people would be still not convinced, which is not surprising. In a democratic society, everyone has freedom of option. Indeed, the market is in favour of fantasy sports and general people enjoy playing such games. So we can say that all those capitalists who are willing to invest in the fantasy sport are on the correct path. In fact, to maximise the returns one should launch the application in the next 6 months as competition will increase with time.

If you are looking for a trusted developer and expert marketing team for your fantasy app then you should contact Albatross Media.

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