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Forgetting is difficult. Remembering is worse.- Jyoti Dadlani – POSH Enabler- Cerebro vocational Planet.

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You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until now.”– Stanford rape survivor.

Harassment is The ultimate theft of self-control. It often leads to a breakdown in the victim’s sense of self-worth. What to do if you are being sexually harassed at work? Report to relevant authorities. If no action is taken, go to the police. The reason is that this is probably not their first time, not to mention by speaking up, you are voicing out for those victims that are living in fear.

 What is harassment and what is not? There is no black and white. Some may argue what he or she said is simply a joke taken too seriously by you. For eg-Calling someone “Dear.” It may make a person uncomfortable. I just don’t appreciate seeing these wonderful and dignified older adults, who have a wealth of life experience, being treated in an infantilized way. So, I began asking my clients how they felt when someone talked to them this way. Over and over again, 

they told me:

 I didn’t like it, but I was afraid to say something.

 I just didn’t know what to say.

 I felt like a child, and I know I’m not.

 I wondered if they thought I had dementia.

That is why it is important to consult an expert for advice. Always speak out and make sure he or she knows what they are doing is making you uncomfortable.

We can confidently say WFH is the emerging “workplace.”

As WFH has had a strong impact on the way of work, it’s worth having a closer look at its ramifications with respect to the POSH Act.

In this context, let’s take a peek into some pointers while working from home with respect to The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act. in this context.

It is important to restrain from:

  • Sending personal and inappropriate messages
  • Sexual jokes/forwards/videos/drawings/pics
  • Sexual descriptions over the telephone or video conferencing
  • Continuous idle chatter over the phone, which is of sexual nature
  • Unwelcome remarks while communicating
  • Digital stalking (stalking in all forms of social media)
  • Lewd gossips on colleagues about sexual affairs/sexual orientation/preferences/virginity
  • Vulgar humour or language while communicating 
  • Relentless proposals for physical intimacy
  • Encroaching personal space by asking inappropriate questions
  • Passing Sexual comments on weight, body shape, size, or figure

This list doesn’t end here. It is certainly the Managements’ priority and duty to ensure safe and secure workplaces by implementing the following:

  • Know that they are subject to the same rules on the prevention of sexual harassment in the virtual world as they are in the real world.
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent and respond to the risk of sexual harassment.
  • Conduct POSH e-learning and POSH awareness sessions on POSH
  • Share POSH posters with employees on responsible usage of office resources during the lockdown.
  • Provide clear guidance to employees on how to use technology and social media responsibly.

 My question: What kind of culture are we trying to in inculcate at the workplace?

 Here is how I can help you:

 External Committee Member-Handing POSH cases

 • Drafting a Policy/Review of existing POSH-related policy

 • Formation of Internal Committee

 • Employee Awareness Training

 • Internal Committee (IC) Training

 • Managing POSH Compliance

 • Filing Annual Return

 Want to work together? Connect now:

 Mob – 9870592991

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