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Elvisa Dedic: Model, Influencer, Entrepreneur

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Elvisa Dedic is a Social Media influencer and a brand ambassador for two famed brands in the fashion industry. In a time where one can easily find a new influencer on every fifth account they stumble across on Instagram and Youtube and several other sites, it’s quite an accomplishment to garner success at such a young age.

Even with the industry being extremely swamped with Models and Influencers alike, Elvisa has managed to make her name a well known one. All in all, she is a fashion model, an entrepreneur of her own makeup brand, a Social media influencer, and to add cream to the cake, she is also an ambassador of two clothing brands.

Although she is a resident of U. S. A, she is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkans. Thus, her nationality is Bosnian. SHe was born on October 16 in 1995. She migrated to America when she was only 11 years old. Right since she was a teen, she has been interested in Fashion and has had a great taste that many admired.

Instead of giving in to the stereotype that girls who like makeup can’t be good at academics, she relentlessly pursued her education and frequently prioritized it. The results of her hard work were quite fruitful, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Psychology from the University of North Florida. She also has worked in the Duval County Courthouse as a clerk while pursuing her bachelor’s degree.

This is also the time when she started working as a fashion influencer and a Model on Instagram. Once she finished her bachelor’s degree, she decided to focus on becoming a full time influencer and dedicated a lot of energy to building her reputation as an influencer.

She has always been updated with the current trends, is well known for her admirable fashion sense and is most likely the reason why her fan following on instagram is over 721K followers.

She started out by endorsing the brand “PrettyLittleThings” and added “FashionNova” to her list as well. She is now an ambassador to both the brands. Still aiming to climb up high on the fashion ladder and decided to launch her own cosmetics brand, Elvisa Cosmetics.

When she launched her brand, she gave the statement, “My goal wasn’t to always wear brands, it was to become one.” Her makeup brand features several makeup and skincare products like lipsticks, highlighters, lip scrubs, etc.

She makes sure her fashion sense keeps changing and is never stagnant. New experiments, wardrobes and colours- she tries them all. She adores travelling and frequently visits new places while keeping her social media updated about her whereabouts. Based on her instagram profile, one may assume that she loves pink, black and brown.


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