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 “If you want to shine like the sun then first burn like the sun,” a quote said by late Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam Azad is something I believe strongly as well as passionately about. These words are what I live by. So, I am Dhwani Arora a school graduate and a law aspirant searching for her way through the course of life. I am ready to burn like the sun if it makes me shine even when there is night. I want to be malleable like a star but just as strong and bright. I am also nowhere afraid of taking the road less travelled by. The possibility of finding something new, being the one who discovers something fascinates me to no bounds. I am one who dreams with open eyes and believes in the possibility that they will come true, if not today then tomorrow. I am a smart and perceptive individual who is very fond of reading. I enjoy all kinds of books ranging from genres that are poetry to historical fiction to fantasy written by the greatest minds from all over the globe. I enjoy the mindsets that lived in the souls of Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare to Paula Hawkins and Dan Brown.

I enjoy the process of dissembling the complexities that lives have to offer. These complex natures of problems motivate me to find solutions that often amaze me.

I live in a country that is family-oriented and family in my opinion is a never-ending rollercoaster ride, we’ll have ups and downs and sighs and screams, which is undoubtedly going to be scary; but isn’t it all about finishing the ride? The joys of knowing that you will always be safe because your family is your safety net. A fundamental unit of your life, which drops you in an exceeding circle called society, the very moment you are born. And my family is truly my backbone. They have shaped me into the person I am today. They are my constant support systems and cheerleaders even on those days when I lose a battle.

I really like to value my time for the nice of my future. Friends are the simplest mirrors of someone. In fact, the circle of friends you chose to remain with, does define your personality and priorities. I consider myself fortunate enough to possess the most loyal and honest friends. They have taught me the importance of communication and have been my constant support all my life.

I have a creative build in all spheres of life. I enjoy the process of writing hence was also in the newspaper and magazine committees of my school. I have been a part of several English debates and book talks during the same time. I love the artistic side of my soul and have embraced it by being an active participant in sketching, dancing and singing competitions all through my school life. These helped me evolve into a versatile and curious human being. Also, English and Hindi are two languages in which I am fluent. I’m studying French and getting pretty good at it. I am a dedicated worker with strong leadership skills who is not afraid of failure. I am an avid reader with excellent writing skills. Whatever I do, I enjoy being inventive. Working with groups of people has taught me compassion, leadership and sharpened my attention to detail.

I am not perfect but rather a perfectionist. I consider myself a delightful company until my panic sets in and makes me short-tempered. Being generous and working on my temper control has been an agenda in my diary for quite some time and every now and then I am able to see improvements in it.

I am a patience riddled lady with an opportunistic mind. I like to grab opportunities the moment they knock on my door. I love to welcome new ideas and ideals into my life with open hands. I am persistent and punctual with my work. I understand the importance of time and discipline being engraved as core concepts of one’s existence. And these values were inculcated in me by my parents from the very beginning of my time on this planet.

I wish to be successful in the field of law as it is a subject that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I want to be able to achieve the standards of living that I dream about and have a perfect white picket fence ending in my life filled with happiness, kindness and warmth. I aspire to be an old woman in tattered jeans with her heart on the sleeves and head held high with respect and love.

You may think I am an optimist, for dreaming too colossal things, and to be honest, they sometimes terrify me, but it is often said, if your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small. In the end, I would like to raise a toast to the dreams that are answered when wished upon the shooting starts holding close the hearts that revere.

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