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Deepit Bhatti is an Epitome of Influencer Community

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Deepit Bhatti established himself as a prominent Instagram personality back in 2018, and since has amassed an engaging fanbase on the photo and video sharing platform. He is probably best known for his looks and pictures, often including his artistry and creativity, or showing off his influential personality.

Now with the recent release of Clones — a debut song written by the social media personality as Wrst Kid  — viewers are starting to see even more of Deepit, who started pursuing music back in November 2020, as he opens up more about his past instances and personal life through music. Even with a follower count that’s growing by the day, there’s so much more to know about the 20-year-old beyond his Instagram presence. Read on for more facts to know about the social media sensation.

Wrst Kid – Clones

He is a great Sketch Artist

In September 2007, at only 6 years old, Deepit started art and sketch. The artist used to draw different animals and paste them on the walls everyday. Bhatti’s art skills got much better after some years as he made a name for himself in the school by drawing portraits of some famous people. He is not doing art as of 2022 but makes sure to show his artistic skills through his pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms.

He is a great football player

Deepit started playing football just for fun when his friend at school noticed his talent and provided him with a positive feedback on the same. This was not a joke to Deepit and he started focusing more on football which resulted in him playing for well known football clubs in India.

He is managed by Sletiq Artist Management & Publishing

Deepit aka Wrst Kid is being managed ‘Sletiq Artist Management & Publishing’. Sletiq Management represents the finest songwriters, composers and producers, and help them maximize their earning through multiple ways such as Official Artists Merchandise, Mechanical and Performance royalties, etc.

He is the CEO & Founder of CANCLD

Apart from serving looks on social media and rapping, Deepit in also a very business savvy. He founded a media company called CANCLD Media (Legal Name – CANCLD LLC) and currently serves as it’s Chief Executive Officer. CANCLD LLC was incorporated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States on 13 July, 2021.

He has his own Clothing Brand

In March 2022, Deepit launched SLCTVE, a clothing line that offers hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, hats and many exclusive products in limited drops. His ‘Wrst Kid Official Merchandise collections’ typically sell out within 24 hours.

While Deepit has been in the public eye since the beginning, we can all see that the social media personality is here to stay for a while.

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