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Darshie in an interview with Ajay Lobo and Akshay Dogra

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Pune Exclusive: The well-known musician from Pune, Maharashtra, Ajay Lobo was announced a live session on Instagram with the reels star Darshie and Akshay Dogra. In this live session, Ajay had a great chat with these two influencers. About 800 to 1k viewers were watching this live video from different regions, they were fans of Dj Ajay, Darshie, and Akshay Dogra.

The turning point of this live session was, the chat turned into a very descriptive interview, Ajay asked many questions to model Darshie and Akshay Dogra, Since she is a rising model, she said many things about her career and role as DJ Ajay was asking. She says it was hard to come into this field as society considers acting and modeling are a waste of time and career. How hard it was when no one supported her instead of her fans, She revealed later.

Ajay Lobo has announced a rap song with Akshay Dogra and testified live that Darshie will be his next model in the upcoming music projects.

Dj Ajay Lobo is an Indian Music sensation and artist, He has the fame that every music artist wishes for. Currently, he has 19k followers and a verified account under the username @imdjajay. Since he is a musician, he arranges live sessions with many famous public figures to interview them, this makes a great impact on the algorithm and followers of Instagram.

Akshay Dogra is a reel and Instagram sensation in India, He is known for his famous devil videos. Currently, he has 586k followers under the username @akshaydogra01.

Darshie is a rising model turned actress from Pune, Maharashtra, She is very famous for her Lip Sync and acting videos on reels. Currently, she has 27.8k followers under the username @darshie98.

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