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An insight by Dr Vijay Viraj, Founder & CEO- (Great India Awardee-2021, Iron Pillar Awardee-2022)

For the last few years, entrepreneurship has emerged as 1st choice for many people. Many success stories favour this, but on the other hand, there are millions of unsuccessful stories also, which people neglect under the wrong influence, overconfidence, wrong guidance or wrong motivation.

Many coaches, trainers, or influential leaders support entrepreneurship, and I respect them for their support and expertise. They have proved their expertise with the success stories of their students and mentees. But this is also a fact that everyone cannot become an entrepreneur like Elon Musk or anyone you like or get inspired from. 

My question is, “why do people think of entrepreneurship only in terms of business”? 

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a business. Mindset is the main key that unlocks the possibilities in life. Mindset creates opportunities where you can show your entrepreneur skills. And, if you are an employee, working in a reputed growth-oriented company, or even in a small “laala” company, you can work as an entrepreneur and can achieve the similar success, respect and money which few people get outside in their venture or project. 

There are many examples of success to support the equivalent or in many cases more, in terms of money, fame, freedom and success by employees than typical entrepreneurs. You can easily find it on the google search engine.

I spent more than seven years in the corporates and MNCs before entering entrepreneurship. I went through many transformations in my professional, personal, social and spiritual life. During this journey, I faced many challenges and loopholes in the system, working culture, office environment and understood the importance of the right mindset, which I say “Employeepreneur mindset”. Of course, many people helped in developing this mindset, like Grant Cardon, DanLok, Geetika Shaigal, Dr Vivek Bindra etc., who are industry leaders in their domains, respectively. But after developing this Employeepreneur – mindset, my growth was massive in major aspects of life. 

The entrepreneur mindset with massive action brings sustainable results. I always follow one statement: “If something works well, it doesn’t mean it can not be improved further.” So daily 1%, even 0.1% improvement in the long term bring the compound result, that is the power of compounding effect. With this thought process and with all my expertise and experience, I launched , an Edu-tech platform, especially for employee class people, where I with my team, help people to grow stress-free, fast, multiply their salary in short possible time and achieve dream designation in their organisation.  

Organisational leadership is very different from personal leadership. At we focus especially on this core value. Dr Vijay Viraj, founder and CEO of BadaEmployee Edu-tech platform, is an award-winning leader, coach and mentor for sales, public speaking and employees empowerment. He serves people in sales, copywriting and high ticket closing via


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