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Bangladeshi Police Officer MR. Alamgir hossain activity

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Name: Md.Alamgir Hossain
Occasion: Police Officer, cyber cop
Born: 20-02-1994
Father name: Md. Babul Hossain
Mother name: Jahanara Begum
Current city: Chittagong, bangladesh
Home town: Khagrachari, bangladesh.
Nationality: Bangladeshi

He started his study from mohal chari model pilot high school. Then he done his higher secondary education khagra chari govt college.
He has completed graduation from Chittagong Government City College. He joined the police force in 2014 He joined the police with a great vow to serve the people. He has been working with reputation since joining. Currently he is working in the district police in Chittagong.

Md. Alamgir Hossain was (Born 20 feb 1994) he is a Bangladeshi Police officer, and Social media cyber security specialist and cyber cop.
Alamgir is also a social worker. He serves the ordinary people beyond the profession. Helpless people always stand by helpless children and help as much as possible. As a cyber cop he works silently. Continuously support numerous victims. Standing beside the Victims and constantly working on the cyber crimes that happen to them. Recently, she has been helping foreign women in many ways by crossing the gondi of the country. Some women in the Philippines and Spain admired her a lot. He always creates awareness among people to suppress cyber crime. Different platforms, such as Facebook, have been raising public awareness on various social media including Instagram. As a cyber police and humanitarian person, he is the pride of Bangladesh Police Force.


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