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Arpit Singh – A Passionate and Emotive Actor from Dehradun

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Passion illuminates the path, allows us to make firm decisions, instils perseverance in us, drives us to run and run, and even allows us to question our destiny. Passion makes life more meaningful and interesting and makes our saga worth reading. Arpit Singh, a 17-year-old Dehradun boy, is very interested in acting and has already begun working in the field, earning the admiration of over 66,000 Instagram followers. Even at such a young age, he discovered where his genuine interest lay and started preparing to beat out the best in the future.

Arpit Singh’s family originally hails from Jharkhand, but they were obligated to relocate to Uttarakhand. Arpit Singh has done his primary schooling up to the 9th standard at Doon International School, one of the best schools in Dehradun, and is now studying in the 11th grade at Times World School. He was fascinated by films and saw them as the perfect medium to convey a story. He was convinced that visual storytelling is successful only because of the finest performances by the actors, and all of these factors gradually made him develop an interest in acting. Being a school kid, it is rather difficult for him to take a firm decision like this. Deep inside, he had a sneaking suspicion that his parents would oppose him in this case, but he couldn’t let go of his curiosity. He began filming travel vlogs in and around Dehradun, which he shared on his Instagram account. They gradually gained a positive response from the public, and his number of followers grew. This instilled in him a sense of optimism and self-assurance.

One day, Arpit Singh’s parents discovered all these vlogs and his interest in acting. As expected by Arpit Singh, they did not react in a positive way and were not convinced by his inclination towards acting. They feared that it was challenging to achieve success in a creative field like acting and tried to convince Arpit Singh by saying the same. But, Arpit Singh’s interest in acting is like a blanket that leaves our feet cold. No matter what happened or what came across, he did not pause his vlogs. After understanding his passion and how serious he was towards it, his parents gradually started supporting him and allowed him to take his first drama course from one of the finest acting schools in Mumbai, Let’s Act acting school. That laid the foundation and paved the proper way for Arpit Singh to learn a good number of acting techniques. This also led Arpit Singh to understand the significance of learning and enrolled himself in many acting schools and online applications that teach techniques and tips in acting and pushed himself every moment to improve himself and strived for consistent development. Arpit Singh also collaborates with small and medium scale companies for commercial advertisements.

At the age of just 17, Arpit Singh has filled many pages in the book of his life. People say that this age is the turning point in everyone’s lives and the decisions made at this stage continue to impact throughout life. Arpit Singh is clear and confident to pursue a career in acting. Moreover, he achieved crucial support from his parents, who promised that they would join Arpit Singh to the best acting school once he finishes his higher education. He’s providing the commitment and the efforts, and one day, the world surely gets to see this young aspiring actor steal hearts with his performances.

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