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An Exclusive Interview with Terrel Butler @oneofthegoat, a Social Media Influencer and Bran Ambassador

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1) Let me start by asking you when and why you got into Social Media Influencing?

I’ve gotten into social media influencing because all my life I’ve been helping people with depression also just in general and other etc.. because Ive been through problems similar in life without anyone to talk to.

2) When would you say no to a paid sponsorship?

The only time I would say no to a paid sponsorship Is if I won’t be gaining anything from it.

3) How do you keep your social media influencer knowledge base up to date and relevant?

I keep my social media up to date by posting things that that’s relevant to my audience because people come to me for advice so by that I have to keep posting advice on my page along with articles.

4) Care to explain scheduling regarding posting or uploading content?

I really don’t have a specific scheduling of posting because I’m always out helping other people along with writing different articles.

5) What are your personal goals as a social media influencer?

My goal as a social media influencer is to try to help everyone better their lives.

6) Have you received any social media influencer training?

No I’ve haven’t received any social media influencer training I basically start from the things I’ve already knew.

7) Can you tell me three key steps you would recommend for all clients, and why?

The three keys i would recommend is to always remember mental health comes first along with how u feel about a certain situation and would it make u happy because life too short so if something isn’t making you happy just don’t do it because mental health more important.

8) How would you deal with a client who is unhappy with your work?

I deal with clients that isn’t happy with my work by honesty asking them “IS it anything I could do better in my work?

9) Are there other social media influencers you would prefer to collaborate with?

No because I don’t want to feel like I’m gaining off someone or their gaining off me I rather do everything alone without any problems.

10) What is the best way our readers can follow you on social media?





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