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Adam Meskouri’s Tips For Social Media Management

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Adam Meskouri

Since 2017, Adam Meskouri has been an avid user of social media. Always having a passion for building audiences, he gravitated towards online platforms like Instagram and TikTok in hopes to create a strong online presence. 

As of today, Meskouri’s social media pages total 2,000,000 followers. Across multiple outlets, he owns or manages a variety of niche accounts that garner millions of views per day. Notably, Meskouri stands as the owner of @Gadgetings, a technology-based Instagram account with over 600,000 fans. Since June, the page has grown by 300,000 followers. 

We recently sat down with Meskouri, and were able to pose some inquiries about his onlin3 management strategies.

Q: What led you to start building online pages?

“I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people. Back in 2017, my friends and I competed to see who could reach 1,000 followers on a basketball niche page. After that experience, I was totally hooked. Last year’s quarantines also helped substantially, because more people being stuck at home led to a large uptick in the active user bases of online media platforms. That motivated me to post more.”

Q: How do you grow your pages?

“Each niche has a viral template, per say. That template consists of a video’s formatting, length, soundtrack, caption, hashtags, thumbnail, and all the small nuances that come with posting. Whenever I begin working on a page, the first thing I do is try to find the niche’s viral combination. I’ll be posting 7 times a day on 1-2 hour intervals, but all of the videos will be wildly different. Some will have music in the background, others will have the live-time noise of an event that the video shows, and a couple may have no sound at all. I’ll use different combinations of hashtags, captions, and thumbnails to come up with variations of templates that I think could do well. After a couple days, I’ll check to see which videos did best, and start posting content similar to those. It’s easy to find a style which consistently does well, you just have to be willing to look for it. As much as people in the field may try to push it, I don’t believe in a viral content strategy that works on every account. The only secret factor is the persistence to find what makes your page grow.”

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve been able to do through this kind of work?

“Owning these pages has allowed me to collaborate with some really cool people. Last summer, the Denver Nuggets sent me an invitation to be in their virtual fan section in the NBA bubble! It was a great experience, and I was able to document parts of the online aspects for my technology page. I’ve worked with TikTok as well, and helped advertise their #learnontiktok campaign. Having the opportunity to create and promote marketing campaigns with all sorts of businesses has given me some valuable experience, and I’m extremely grateful to have worked with them.”

Outside of social media, Meskouri enjoys researching current political events, and learning about a variety of aspects related to business management. Regardless, he hopes to continue his online management work through the near future. If you’d like to contact him, he’s available on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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