Sister Kristy Leads by Example To Promote Compassion Toward Animals And Adoptions

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One of the noblest causes out there is helping animals in need. Instagram influencer Sister Kristy has a deep love for animals, and she works tirelessly to foster cats in need and get them adopted.

Sister Kristy got into fostering when she casually asked about it at a local pet store. They referred her to AARCS, an animal rescue crew and shelter based in Alberta, Canada. She decided to foster cats through the organization, bringing new kitties into her home while they waited to be adopted. “It’s much better for a cat to be in a foster home than in a shelter,” Sister Kristy says. “They get to interact more with humans, and I can get a feel of what type of cat they are.” This allows foster parents to give details about cats to potential adoptees which volunteers at the shelter might not know. Cats in the foster system adjust better to their new permanent homes. “Compassion toward animals is one of my values. I want to urge people to help out animals when they can, whether it’s through adopting, fostering, or donations.”

Sister Kristy is an Instagram model with over 271,000 followers. She posts provocative photos on her website for a subscription fee, which has helped her make modeling a full-time job. “Working online allows me to stay home with my foster kitties and give them the attention they deserve.” She’s a self-made influencer who takes her own photos, does her own makeup, and runs her own social media. “Adding a personal touch makes me stand out, and I love talking to my fans.”

If you’ve been looking for a new adventure in your life, Sister Kristy recommends adopting a cat or fostering one. “It’s a great feeling to help an animal in need,” she says.

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