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A World Of No Judgement’s Author Simran Thakur’s Interview

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The Author Simran Thakur’s Interview About Her New Book “A World of No Judgement”

Q1. What is your book all about?

Ans. My book “A WORLD OF NO JUDGMENT” directly puts some questions on humanity; the judgemental behavior of one gender towards the other genders. The judgmental behavior of people can make anyone mentally ill even without giving any scars. These judgments can destroy many lives if it comes to the peak of patience. In this world, many people need some understanding, loves, and fundamental rights to spend their lives the same as the others, but sometimes we are stuck in the down of judgmental mountains. This book is working on fiction; If a human gets the power to control the judgments of others, a person can read the minds and manage the thought of anyone suitable to their satisfaction, can they solve the other issues of their life, it can help anyone to live their life happily? Not a single person likes the judgment, and I am also in one of them, so I write this fiction book to find out the answers in my imaginary
world and look deep down in it; I find everything has its benefits and consequences. A mistake of one can ruin the lives of others. We can’t control our behavior of judgments because it must be in the field of difference, technology, but we can try to become non-judgmental towards humans. This story is all about a transgender person named Leena Sai. Leena is facing the judgments
from their childhood because he is transgender. I describe thoroughly what problems he met in his life and when he realized he could control people’s thoughts, how it will affect Leena’s life and changes it forever. This book teaches you every person is unique in itself and has their own body. You can’t judge anyone on behalf of their gender or choices.

Q2. What was the reason behind writing the book?

Ans. The fundamental reason is apparent as a mirror, I always faced judgments in my entire life, so I want to make “a world of no judgment” for myself. It does not become true in the real world; then, I thought I could create it in my imaginary world. So, first, I want to make it for my own, but with time I realized I am not the only one who experienced these bitter experiences of life. No one exists who never faced judgment in their entire life. It becomes a part of human lives. As a female, people judge me on different issues, but a transgender community met these judgments every day for their existence. I feel how hard are the life of them even they are also
part of the universe. I decided to write this book because I want to show all our judgmental behavior can affect anyone’s life, and transgender has also deserved the same respect and education as others. From this book, I want to give the message that “we are humans and we are not perfect, so we have no right to judge anyone on behalf of its gender.”

Q3. How did the idea occur?

Ans. The idea came to my mind when I accidentally opened my social media account and listened to Gauri Sawant’s speech; she is a transgender activist from Mumbai. She talked about the life of transgender people and told the fact about how other genders are behaving with the transgender community in real life. She spoke openly about how many challenges a transgender community will face in their daily lives: education, jobs, and their existences. People never want to see them as human, judgmental towards them, the old thinking that this community was born to beg, and so on. Gauri Sawant inspires the idea to write this book; she is the actual reason behind my thought. After listening to her, I realized that I have to talk about these issues in a fictional way and connect more people with these facts and truth.

Q4. What were the problems you face in your journey?

Ans. I think the problems are becoming a part of my life. Yeah, I faced a lot because there is no doubt in it; everything is related to your roots, the background from which you came. I came from a middle-class family, financial issues always remain with us, and due to this reason, I completed my education at a small government school in Delhi, where I faced a lack of facilities. I don’t want to blame anyone, but this education system can destroy student’s careers if the same system follows in the future. It must we have to improve it as soon as possible. Hence, whenever IAuthor Simran Thakur made mistakes in my language, nobody corrected me in my childhood, resulting in my English
language becoming worse. I didn’t know grammar or am not aware of many words. I take so much time to understands what other people said if they use the perfect British language. My parents were not much educated, they always support me, but they can’t help me with this particular issue. This problem has stuck with me for many years. Even my college friends were laughing at my wrong pronunciations or worse grammar. I lost all my confidence cz I was a shy and introverted kid.

I was a good student but a little weak in English. “I believe destiny always gives you the worst experiences to make you best in it,” I remember when I get a chance to write my first book because I won a competition. The publisher wanted the manuscript. I was a third-year student, and my background was technical; I was an engineering student, and I have no idea about the professional world of words. The writing was just my hobby, but soon it changes into my passion. I didn’t know it. I had no idea of anything that means undoubtedly, the knowledge of this world of stories is zero for me. Then slowly-slowly, I start learning the thing. I start from one because I believe that “it must be small rather than stuck in a zero,” so I begin my book without thinking about it “what happens next.” I work hard to remove my negatives like grammar and start developing the ideas, concepts, formats, patterns, etc. Even I made many mistakes in my first
book, but that’s also true; I have no godfather, nobody tells me or teaches me about this field, and I have to accept it. So, I always try to learn from my mistakes; I made mistakes in my previous project, that’s why I am here with the new invention; the journey is unfinished. With time you only see the improvements in me, nothing else.

Q5. Mention your upcoming writing endeavors?

Ans. After publishing my second fiction, “A World of no Judgment,” Now I concentrate on my next fiction novel related to romance #fantasy couples. I started the work on it a few months ago and now am coming so far in it. I hope it will complete by the end of August. This web novel will publish in an online competition name “Webnovel Spirit Awards Spring 2021,” with the title, “Are These your words?” In my next fiction, you can find out ” how a person will find their love with the help of some words.” It is interesting to read, so I hope you all like it. Later, I also planned to work on real-life situations and write a non-fiction book related to human issues. I tried hard to create a book that helps any person look up and focus on their goals. A book that can help improve the education system describes the importance of honesty, career growth, choosing the right field, removing corruption, targeting political issues, and so many other daily lives problems. For now, all these rough ideas are running in my mind, but “I think about it, so soon I will start it.”

Q6. What is the reaction in your family and community about as an author?

Ans. I remember when I was working on my first fiction, the title “That One Year,” I have shared nothing with anyone about it that I am working on a book because I was not sure it would be publishing or not. I hide the truth from my family and always said, “I worked on my college project.” I was a little afraid of my family’s reactions if they knew I worked in a field entirely different from my technical world, but when my first book was published, and I gave this news to my family and friends, their reactions are undefined. I think they are in a dilemma; are they congratulate me or find out when I wrote it? But everything happens positively. My parents were surprised and felt proud their daughter wrote a book. My brothers were pleased and proud because the talk is spreading like a fire. Many other people start congratulating my family, and it will be a proud moment for me because my family felt proud of me. My friends start congratulating me on my first fiction, some friends know I have a habit of writing, but others treat me like “I climb a mountain.” And there is no doubt in it; I climb a mountain because I create a world of words my own. Some are making fun of me, like “how can I write this book because There was a time when my language was worst,” and it did not affect me. I was happy because everyone related to me was delighted; they gave their blessing that matters more. Now I published my second fiction,” A world of no judgment,” so my family is pleased with my hard work and very supportive towards it. My family’s and my loved one’s best wishes are always with me; they always encourage me to look ahead and prove myself more and more.

Q7. Any interesting incident during your journey as an author?

Ans. My whole life gives me interesting incidents; it always remains full of ups and downs. A shy, introverted girl who is always scared that ‘what people say about her,” the same girl, is now completely changing, and the interesting fact now it doesn’t matter for me what a single person said. A girl who had a problem with communication, the same girl writing books today, created her world. Is it not surprising? So, I think it is okay “you face the worst in something, and now you make yourself better in the same field.” I never say I am excellent, but life is the process of constant learning; I learn from my every day. I make mistakes, but I am the same who improves them daily.

I made many mistakes even when I was new in this field; I have no idea about it. I took part in a national level competition and, without reading the competition’s requirements, sent my poems to them when they replied to me; I felt very embarrassed because they asked for the short stories and I sent the poems. So, it’s a little awkward because I made that silly mistake and because of that mistake am kick out of the competition. After that, I learn things profoundly and then write something about the requirement.

Q8. What do you like to say to aspiring writers?

Ans. I want to say all “life is an unexpected journey, and you never stop yourself at anyhow. You cannot be stuck in a place forever. Do hard work as much as possible and always look ahead in your life. There is no time to think about it; why always I? You can only learn from your mistakes and can’t live in regrets of the past. So, wake up, youth, your dreams are waiting for you all, take a step into your desired field and prove yourself in any way. Go ahead.” I wish you all ” good luck with your great future and the formidable challenges of life.

For making our country better together, must we all start thinking out of the shell. Once you are coming out of the surface, you can conquer the world. So, Think broad.

Q9. Who published the book and mention their role?

Ans. UF Publisher publishes my book. UF publisher is a very supportive publication; when I was a fresher in this field, I had significantly less knowledge, but these guys clear all my doubts and help me in every possible way. It was a pleasant experience to work with them. UF publisher designs my book in a well-formatted way, provides end-to-end consultations, promotes me through their social media or news website. These guys are work for your satisfaction and help you to grow more. I am very thankful to Founder Mr. Manish Sharma for providing me great deals that are affordable for me and make my dream comes true.

Q 10. would you like to refer UF Publisher for newbies to publish their book & why?

Ans. Yes, I highly recommend the newbies to publish their books with the UF publisher and taste the great experience of achievement. UF publisher only works for your success. Their only motive is to make you a great author—a well-behaving professional’s team is working in it who is always present to help you. These professionals are work on every single point to make your book perfect. Everything is well maintained and happens on time. Joins the UF publisher and experiences the taste of success.


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