Sigma Consultants a Financial Platform, done Project funding to Graphene Projects of Equaraventures.

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Sigma Consultants is proud to announce that we have done Project Funding of INR 20 crores to Upcoming India’s Most Viable project “Graphene Manufacturing” a project of Equaraventures online Private Limited Lucknow based Company.

“Though Equaraventures is a StartUp Company but they truly deserve that as this project will give new direction in the development of India thus making “Atam Nirbhar Bharat”. The viability of the project is judged by the Demand of the Product. As energy and especially Green energy is a Global concern. This very Project is all about and that’s why we Boosted, says Kumarb Abhishek CEO Of Sigma Consultants.

Graphene is a two-dimensional nano-material, consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms. Despite being so thin and light, it is the strongest material known in nature, with a resistance 200 times higher than structural steel of the same thickness. It is elastic, practically transparent and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. In addition to its mechanical properties, it has incredible electronic, chemical, magnetic and optical properties. Graphene-based solar cell is essentially not that different from current inorganic/silicon solar cells being produced today, with the exception that some of the materials currently in use are replaced with graphene derivatives. As with any device or material, there are parameters that can be improved to increase operational efficiency. Graphene excels in tune-ability and adaptability. For graphene-based solar cells, the two standout parameters that can potentially change the nature of the device are the number of graphene layers in the device (or in the individual components within a device) and the effects of doping a graphene-based material. Graphene has got potential due to its ubiquitous applications in nearly every field and in coming future, it will be the Best market

Sigma Consultants have done over 60+ project funding and 30+ Start-up funding to date. The main objective of the pioneer Indian consultancy firm is to increase its clients’ wealth. They do so, by helping their clients with efficient, fast, and trustworthy products and services

From expert fundraising facilities, secured/unsecured business loan, Start-up funding, NPA Restructuring, funding from FDI, joint venture, strategic advisory services, real estate funding, venture capitalizing, investment banking, valuation and consulting, project finance, a joint venture to financial trading services. Our financial services and products are dedicated to serving their versatile clients, especially women entrepreneurs. 

We focus on inevitable growth, delivering innovative products and services, and targeted performance enables them in providing quality customized solutions. This surely makes a good reason why clients from several industries, sectors, and cultures have claimed to have a positive experience with this consultant agency. Therefore, Start-ups and business giants looking for long-term credibility financial solutions can prefer Sigma Consultants. With their 20+ years of local market presence, research, and market intelligence-based advisory services, they would make a fundamental choice for inclusive growth opportunities.  Before exploring how a round of funding works, it’s necessary to identify the different participants. First, there are the individuals hoping to gain funding for their company. As the business becomes increasingly mature, it tends to advance through the funding rounds; it’s common for a company to begin with a seed round and continue with A, B and then C funding rounds.


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