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Shashikant Gupta is an Youngest Rural Music Artist of India and Lo-Fi Song Editer. Their was born on 14th November 2006 in Nagpur, Maharashtra .Shashikant Gupta, You might have heard his name, but let me tell you, Shashikant Gupta is a famous personality living in Gorakhpur who has worked in many films .

Shashikant Gupta is interested in gaming, singing, acting, technology, mobile, computers since childhood, he has also given a great performance of his art by participating in program show in his school and college. Shashikant Gupta, who belongs to Gorakhpur, started Editing.

When Shashikant Gupta was just 16 years old, he entered the field of music. Shashikant Gupta became very popular among the youth. And this song gave Shashikant Gupta a different identity in the world of music.

All of Shashikant Gupta’s releases so far have proved that he makes songs with his soul. He started at a very young age and this has helped him to gather knowledge about music.


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