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Shagun Malhotra, A Food Blogger From Delhi And Founder Of Myfoodproject

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Shagun Malhotra (born on 11 December 1991 in Delhi) is a food blogger from Delhi who runs the Myfoodproject profile on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Myfoodproject is a well-maintained page with regular content updates, mouth-watering simplified recipes, honest food reviews from various places, and engaging reels.

It was introduced in October 2015, and in just six months, she had built a following of 10k people because of her unwavering dedication and hard work. The weekly reach gradually increased to 5.5 Million.

The account includes a slew of new, previously unseen food dishes. Reviews provide valuable information about the dishes, such as the name, its location, her rating, and the price. Offering her audience with genuine video reviews that are well-described.

The page shares several recommendations for dishes to try in various parts of India based on her personal experience, as well as regular updates on her travels.

Not only has Myfoodproject shared food reviews and recipes, but it has also hosted a three-part course on how to establish a food blog, social media hacks, and marketing strategies for those who want to expand their reach on social media platforms.

Myfoodproject has been published in several prestigious publications and is recognized as one of Delhi’s finest food bloggers. Worked on 400+ brand collaborations with over 300 top clients.


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