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“Shades of Love” is Coming Soon by Author Yashi Lath

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Yashi Lath is working on her new book titled “Shades of Love” is a non-fiction book that is connected to the themes of love. The book explores the real meaning of love and the elements of love and relationship in detail. The book includes meaningful illustrations that will help the readers in connecting with the descriptions of the book. Each chapter of the book has some deep meanings about the meaning of love and relationships along with the illustrations. The book will take the readers on a journey of love and elements of love through meaningful illustrations and descriptions.

Love is a soulful connection that connects two hearts and two souls together. Love has a variety of names and emotions. All forms of love play a significant part in our lives. The themes of the book include different definitions of love and relationships it also represents the difference between healthy and unhealthy love. In addition, the book explores the beautiful meaning and the difference between the two precious emotions that are friendship and love. The book explains the elements of love in a precise manner. In this book, Yashi Lath has taken the help of meaningful illustrations, she believes that actions speak louder than words that’s why in certain chapters there is a combination of different illustrations along with deep meanings.

(Author Yashi Lath)

Yashi Lath has attached a note for the readers who are finding love in their lives. She has dedicated this book to those people who are still searching for love in their lives. She believes that many times some people get the wrong person in their life who deteriorates the real meaning of love and then people blame the word love, instead of blaming love they should blame the person. She wants her readers to understand love is not a bad word it is like that rose which has both thorns and petals it depends on our choices with whom we choose to be. The readers will gain a better understanding of the real meaning of love and the elements of love. Love is that emotion and feeling that has many deeper meanings and names. The book delivers a strong message about the meaning of love and other themes of love. The book will make the readers aware of the meaning of love and relationships and the readers will be able to identify the different relationships that we encounter in our life. The book will launch in the second week of August and the book will be available on all social platforms.

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