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Sha Pillai gets Recognised in the Fashion, Fitness and Education Industry.

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Sha Pillai has been continuously working on the cause of social development and social issues. He is standing against all the odds. Sha Pillai is currently working as Chief Operating Officer at Arabian Sea Engineers and has done exceptionally well in other fields. He has been nominated for various awards and titles. Sha Pillai has also been working for the cause of student development with his regular job. 

Sha Pillai has been recognised for his consistent efforts. Sha Pillai has been awarded with various awards. He participated in Super Model on India, Best Style Icon of the year 2021 India that was organised by RageNYou. RageNYou is a leading fashion brand that hosts many prestigious awards shows. In the year 2021, Sha Pillai was honoured with the award for his unique and dynamic style. 

Besides having a top-notch fashion sense, Sha Pillai is also passionate about fitness and health. Maintaining his fitness with his regular job isn’t a problem for Pillai. He was awarded the Fitness Award of the year 2021 India by Indian Glory Awards for his contribution in the field of fitness. Sha Pillai has made various efforts and has motivated society about how important it is to maintain good health. 

Sha Pillai is a firm believer that “Education is the most powerful weapon” he is actively involved in student education and development. In November 2021, he was awarded by Education Excellence Award India for his contribution to student developmentThis award was to acknowledge and recognise Pillai’s work to empower student education. 

Sha Pillai maintains a positive outlook towards the world and society and is keen on achieving various milestones with his work. “Maintaining regular fitness and health with a job is a challenging task, but I like challenges and they keep me going”, remarked when Sha was asked about his motivation. Sha is passionate about what he does. As they say, “Rome wasnt Build in a Day,” it is similar in the case of Sha. The entitlements, the awards, and the fame did not come overnight. There was hard work, discipline, a strict diet, schedule, determination, dedication, and a list of things behind what Sha Pillai has achieved today.

Sha is really overwhelmed by the fact that she is able to inspire her followers and fans. I get really happy when someone says that they were motivated or inspired by me and my journey.” It does not usually happen that someone gets motivated by you, but Sha and his journey have inspired thousands of people, and he continues with his work and journey. 

Sha Pillai has done a great job in the education sector, for which he is awarded by Education Excellence Award. He has done a lot in this field, making education and learning accessible to the students, primarily to those who are marginalised in society. He aims to provide them with the education they deserve and fight for the cause. When Sha Pillai was asked if he had a message for the students out there, he said, “Never Stop Dreaming.” 

Sha Pillai has chosen the unconventional path and is making people aware with his work about style, health and fitness and education.

You can connect you him and learn more about him from the link:

Instagram: SHA PILLAI 

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