Setting up a record of maximum genres of musical tracks in a single feature film by Maharaja.

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Bollywood wouldn’t be Bollywood without its music, and such variety of world music in the current era defines music artists like Maharaja to set a world record of composing more than eight genres of tracks in one feature film that too for an Indian cinema. An independent music artist Naushiv Varma a.k.a “Maharaja,” is about to set a record in creating the maximum genre of songs for a bilingual feature film “Tallika” that is soon releasing in theatres OTT across the globe. Tallika film, written and directed by Mitali Jani, is produced by Gunvant Jani under the label Natshilp Production and Millennia films.

“I breathe music, and making songs for a classical horror drama made me do it,” says Maharaja. He is one of the very few Indian Vevo artists on YouTube who specializes in Reggae music. It is not that easy for any music composer to create a piece of music that defines every mood of the film.

Maharaja is unquestionably one of the music composers who is set to revolutionize the music of Indian cinema through his creativity. His recent creation “Mundo Romantico” is already buzzing in Spain, the UK, Africa, the USA, and other countries’ pop charts. He has created many pop songs, including “Chinki Mili Pochinki mein,” which became a sensation in the gaming culture. The song was shared by more than 2000 gamers via social media reels and stories worldwide that Maharaja lost the count of. Every day, he gets notifications that his songs being shared on social media thrills him.

“The journey is obvious. I knew I was born to make music, and my instincts led me to explore various flavors of music by getting involved with projects in the commercial and entertainment world. Tallika is close to my heart. I have spent hours creating the mood of each scene by adding soundtracks and songs. Collaborating with various singers and jamming with them allowed me to touch the authentic flavor of each genre. I am happy to say that I created songs in Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Punjabi for a single feature film which itself is a thrill to watch on a big screen. The music that can be commercially successful has to come from the roots of each note. My favorite from the album is the rap song sung by me and Mitz a.k.a. Mitali Jani” – Maharaja.

Songs of the feature film Tallika are made in Gujarati, Hindi, English, and Punjabi. It covers various genres like horror, Gujarati folk, reggaeton, EDM, Indian classical, pop, western classical, and unplugged music. Songs of Talika are sung by Maharaja and other various artists. They are currently streaming on various music stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Gaana, iTunes, Shazam, Deezer, wink music, Hungama Music, and many more under the title “Tallika.” Maharaja


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