Sensational Young Entrepreneur from India changing the Youth by becoming Rich

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Some people say they don’t have the exposure; some say they don’t have the opportunities, some say that they don’t have proper education, and some don’t have the right assistance. As a matter of fact, this narrative is all about an entrepreneur who has beaten all the odds and came literally out of nowhere. He began with a project he had no prior knowledge of, one that was outside the scope of his expertise and something he had never contemplated undertaking – A Project which turned out into companies and one of the best youth organizations.

Introducing Bhavya Pandya, one of the industry’s leading young entrepreneurs who own many companies and runs one of the world’s most renowned youth organizations, the Youth Change Organization(YCO). He is not just an entrepreneur but also a social worker.

Let’s travel back to 2011, where his journey began. Yes, you read it right! When he was eight years old, he began volunteering for the community, doing everything from feeding the hungry to providing them with life necessities, from doing entertainment programs for the prisoners to prove that they are also humans to recognizing the contributions of emergency medical personnel and firefighters. He has done it all for the community because for him, Karma is everything. He says that there is a common misconception in today’s world, these days, people take more and more, but they don’t realize that the more they take, the less they have. In 2015, he started meditation and realized that meditation is a perfect exercise to upgrade human software. It is a key element of knowing life and knowing yourself. In 2019, he completed his 10th Grade and chose the path of Science with Math because he wanted to join the National Defence Academy. In 11th standard, he realized that NDA wouldn’t be his cup of coffee, so he decided to do something else. He put his first step into the designing industry by making his first game in 2021. He spent over 16 hours a day learning programming online by investing zero money. He claimed that he learned everything for free from either YouTube or platforms like YouTube.

Finally, on the 1st of January, he started his first company, an IT company called CHAOS. When we researched the unique and confusing name of the company, we got to know that the abbreviation of CHAOS is Creative Hopeful and Outstanding System. He started keeping only one thing in mind: he would develop just games under that. Later on, CHAOS India began to offer other services too. Currently, CHAOS India is making games, applications, and websites, building brands, placing ads, implementing strong SEO plans, and handling social media. It all started with a small spark of games and turned into a flame of various IT services. After three months of beginning the IT company, Bhavya began his organization to help the youth by posting one-minute motivational blogs every week. With a team of his 5-6 friends, he made a website and started posting blogs. Later on, the organization became very popular due to the blogs’ consistency, quality, and authenticity. The youth found it very relatable, and today the Youth Change organization is the 8th best Youth Organization in the world. Youth Change has over 25 Million Blog Views and over 2.5 Million Visitors. The community of Youth Change organization consists of over 500 active members and over 10 team members in the core team. Later on, he started WEVOLVE – a mental health company in the building stage, and contributed a lot to IMMYOUNITY – a physical health company helping people improve their immunity and indigestion problems. He has worked with many international companies and is still working with a few more.

One thing which is not changed in Bhavya is the habit of learning. According to him, if you want to create this habit, you must first learn by stating, “I don’t know that, but I want to know more about that,” This is how you will begin learning and discovering new topics.

Bhavya serves as a role model for the next generation. Some of the lessons we’ve taken away from Bhavya’s life trip so far: 1. Learn to live with what you have. 2. Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons, just as he took Science after 10th standard and then took a turning in his carrier. 3. Your real strength comes from being your best you. 4. Do what you love and trust your actions and decisions no matter what they say.

It was indeed an amazing conversation with Bhavya. He is truly an exception and inspiration for today’s youth. You can connect and learn more about Bhavya and his ventures via his Linkedin:


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