Sami Loyal Is Proof A Mark Sheet Or A Certificate Does Not Determine Your Destiny

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Our society is obsessed with resumes and awards. However, it’s important to realize that this is not the only measure of success. You can be a business owner and achieve financial independence without following traditional channels. Sami Loyal is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who has gained acclaim and made lots of money without formal qualifications.

Sami Loyal is a YouTuber and cryptocurrency trader. He taught himself how to trade without a lot of assistance from others. He started his channel Forflies to teach people how to trade crypto, and it’s been a resounding success with over 100,000 subscribers. Through his investments, he became a millionaire at the age of 17 years old. What might surprise you is that Loyal dropped out of high school. “I started my first business at 13 years old, and I made my first £100,000 by the time I was 16,” said Sami. Ready to learn some tricks of the trade ruby slots casino 0 no deposit bonus codes 2019 to win the greatest jackpots? “I knew I was losing tons of money by staying in school, and it just didn’t hold my interest anymore. So I decided to forgo a diploma and strike out on my own.” So far, not having a high school diploma or college degree hasn’t held him back at all. He’s able to work from anywhere around the world, wherever he decides, without having to worry about money. “It’s such a great feeling to have financial and location independence. That’s what every entrepreneur is searching for, and I’ve achieved it.” 

Loyal grew up poor, so he decided to invest some of his earnings into a better life and future for his mum and family. He just bought his mom a £1,000,000 home in Dubai. “It feels amazing to be able to help her after everything she’s done for me.” Despite his success, he’s had to give up a lot to become a teen entrepreneur.  Sami had to get serious long before his peers; this meant he couldn’t socialize as much and do the stereotypical high schooler things.

 “I think all of these sacrifices were worth it in the long run,” he said. “My business is my passion, and I know none of my friends and classmates are making nearly as much money as I am.”

Sami loves teaching people, and he started his first YouTube channel when he was very young. He started off reviewing tech products and has since moved on to teaching people about investing and crypto. He’s also started the company Funnalex, now known as Forflies, an online educational program that teaches people to trade safely and sustainably. “Trading doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it,” Sami Loyal said. “My programs allow anyone to start making trades if they have a little bit of money to spare.”

Ultimately, mark sheets, certificates, and diplomas don’t matter nearly as much as skills and discipline. Sami Loyal hopes to inspire people to feel the same way and try crypto trading to make their dreams come true.

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