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Saanika Sahoonja, the fashionista who made her dream “Become Famous” come true.

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“The unique thing about India is its diversity and young demographic. This is reflected in the creator ecosystem too, where young people are pursuing their passions and driving trends,” says Manish Chopra, director, and head of partnering at Facebook India, which owns Instagram.

Over the past few years, social media has burgeoned enormously which resulted in the rise of influencers who maintain the attention of people worldwide. The true strength and power of social media are to Influence. As long as you start influencing people, you have won half of the battle. An influencer has established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience, and can persuade others to act. One such Influencer and inborn fashionista are Saanika Sahoonja who has the authenticity to attract viewers towards her. Being a Fashion Model, Influencer, and Content Creator, she has metamorphosed into someone who effortlessly balances work and passion.

Every creator’s journey from zero to millions of followers is different. Many influencers have taken good control over people’s minds and their hearts with their influencing power.

Mastered in Business Administration, this girl has it all royal. Saanika hails from Patiala and envisions beyond any stretch of the imagination. Conformity and contemporary is the name of the game and she is quite sapient there. “I have known my forte since the time I photographed myself for the very first time and there was no turning back from that on. I became self-independent in my early twenties. I used to pay my bills and fill the milieu with my contagious chirps,” says Saanika, a bundle of talent, is as clear as she asserts her dreams.

Well, Instagram needs no introduction. Since its inception in 2010, the social network has been at the forefront of creating a revolution for photo and video creativity. Grainy and blurry photos are no longer a means for sharing your latest beauty discovery or travel pitstop – these days, Instagram users are taking it to the next level with cutting-edge imagery, idyllic photography, and ‘thinking outside the box’ videos.

Talent must not be hidden and believing that Saanika flaunts her skills like acting, posing, dancing, and humor on Instagram with a motive to spread happiness and laughter in everyone’s lives. A full-time associate with a multinational, she is building a network and creating a tribe of like-minded people, creating synergy and success. Besides, her outfit posts garner a lot of attention from her followers and her sense of style will impress you. Moreover, her feed has an attractive aesthetic that will keep you captivated by her profile on Instagram.

Saanika interacts with her followers at over 7% and makes it a point to reply to their comments. Seeing her fame, recognition, connect and influence over her audience, several brands that have collaborated with her are- Fab India, Daniel Wellington, Nike, Fossil, JBL, La Senza, Monster Energy, Mamaearth, My Glam, Toni & Gay, and many more. This BOI-recognized creator collaborated with other creators like Prajakta Kohli, Aashna Shroff, Beer Biceps, and Tony Kakkar for increasing the connections in the Instagram community. Saanika believes in inspiring others. You will enjoy how she doesn’t only post about clothes but also share and upload her story, passion, inspirations, and experiences.

Follow her on Instagram to know more @_saanika_


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