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Rohit Gill

Rohit Gill He was compelled to quit his schooling following his mother’s departure. Later, like an obedient son, he helped his father’s cable business in the Second Capital of the State. Of the several crises he faced, Rohit Gill only found solace in theatres through his acting skills; which later drive him to live every Indian artist’s dream to work in Bollywood!

Born on April 11, 1996, Rohit did his schooling from Nagpur’s St Martin High School. Rohit has always been a boy next door. At young age, Rohit was fond of acting but never thought a career in it. However, things changed soon as he engaged in his father’s business. Rohit’s father owns a cable business in the city. Following his mother’s departure, Rohit left school and starting helping his father in the business. He would look after the accounts, provide assistance to costumers and even take care of the collection. During the same, he came across one Virendra Ganvir who urged Rohit to work with him at his Bahujan Rangbhoomi (and there was no looking back ever since then).

Rohit then starting espoused acting with his open arms. Earlier, he would grapple to cope with his responsibilities and passion. However, he soon established a proper balance to help his father and peruse his passion. Later, he joined Rupesh Pawar’s Meraki Theatre followed by Tanmai Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha of Salim Sheikh where he perfected his acting skills.

Following this, he along his associates decided to produce a short film. The move not only helped him the recognition but to bag his first film! Rohit has worked in movies like Misguide (2016), Vastudosham (2018), Odh Tuzi (2018), Rakkhosh ( 2019). His film Rakkhosh had won Special Jury Award for Best Director in Hindi Film at the Rajasthan International Film Festival.From an aspiring theatre artist to triumph the luxury of Bollywood and establishing his distinguish name in the industry, Rohit Gill has walked miles to conquer his passion. He has advised the budding actors to work in theatres in a bid to enhance their acting skills and later peruse their dreams in the B-town.

About Rohit Gill : Rohit Gill is an Indian film actor who works in films both Hindi and Marathi languages. He was born on April 11, 1996 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Rohit Gill started his acting career by doing theatre in 2016, and till now, he has worked in a Short-film, Album song and Hindi Film. In 2019 his film Rakkhosh got Special Jury Award for Best Director in Hindi Film” at the Rajasthan International Film Festival, in this film he has worked as an Actor. He is known for his work in Misguide (2016), Vastudosham (2018), Odh Tuzi (2018), Rakkhosh ( 2019).


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