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Rising Hip Hop Artist Buffate Coleman is Using His Music to Grow a Community

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Hip Hop Artist Buffate Coleman is changing the way artists view and interact with their fans. Through her music projects, Coleman has not only been making a name for himself with his original sound and unique lyricism, but has also been building a community structured around inspiring the youth and creating a generation. He is the CEO of 777 Supremacy, a brand he founded in 2018 to support up-and-coming talented artists.

As Buffate Coleman has been getting recognition for his multi-genre inspired sound and creative crafted verses, he has also been putting a heavy emphasis on building his fanbase into a community that can grow with his platform. Through consistent music releases, interviews, and direct fan engagement, Coleman’s community of young fans is growing to impressive numbers.

Buffate Coleman has become a leader and role model for many of his fans, and he hopes to give back to the community by giving them something to relate to and be inspired by through music. Buffate Coleman addresses many issues that youth face in today’s society including depression and anxiety, and also touches on the flipside, addressing how the youth of today handle worldly issues well. 

Coleman hopes to continue reaching his fans on an emotional level in future projects, and continue building his community up in the days to come.

Listen to Buffate Coleman’s music here: 

You can find Buffate Coleman on Instagram here:

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