Owning diverse businesses can seem to be complicated to some more than others. With the advancement of technology, many people have gotten into various industries and diversified into various segments using the internet. In fact, it is because of social media platforms and digital applications that many people have gotten a chance to embrace their inner self through these platforms.

While some people have not been able to keep up with the fast-paced online world, Shameka Paige or as she is popularly known, Meka Paige has been acing her regular job as well as her YouTube channel.

Along with renting out affordable houses and promoting affordable living, 31-year-old Paige has been successfully managing being an influencer on YouTube.

On YouTube, Paige tries to be herself and has been taking the viewers along with her on her adventurous journey.

Triumphing in her online as well as her offline business, Paige wishes to be a creative multi-business mogul with new futuristic and prime ideas.

Paige began her journey right after she graduated from Arizona State University in 2017.

“I started working on my plan to offer affordable housing while starting my YouTube business.”

Although, Paige realised that she had an entrepreneurial spirit right when she was still in college. When writing a business plan in college, Paige pitched the idea of opening a bed and breakfast called ‘The Summit’. It worked so well that she was asked to pursue it further but due to health issues, she couldn’t.

Since being an entrepreneur was in her spirit, she never stopped.

“Today I am stronger and more fierce in business than ever before and I am developing a team of builders, actors and dancers for my soon to come production studio in Montgomery Al.”

Paige immensely believes in affordable housing and plans to expand her business by helping at least 1000 families in getting access to affordable living.

With the economy being hit hard after the pandemic, Paige is focusing on making a constant profit in her business. However, she wishes to grow her business to a point where she doesn’t have to be around to monitor things and everything smoothly functions on its own.

“I am in more than just real estate and YouTube however you’ll have to just keep up with me to find out.”

Find Paige on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/meka_paige_/

Also, her YouTube Channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kjvN7Gf8-lSB9I3yC_0Fw


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