Read how Anees Ahmed is helping investors to achieve financial freedom and wealth creation by providing premium investment advisory services.

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Anees Ahmed did some primary research three years back to understand why the concept of “investment advisory” was so shallow amongst Indian investors. A good look around revealed that Indians mostly get the investment advice from their respective Bank relationship manager, an agent who probably is our family known, a broker of trading account & so on & so forth because of easy accessibility and frequent interaction. And this is something serious & problematic in wealth management.

It did not take much thought for the Delhi-based young investment enthusiastic to out his rich insights by establishing AZ Capital in 2020. AZ Capital had a humble start with financial awareness programs. Unlike a lot of funded startups in the space, the founder of AZ Capital has taken a conscious decision to run its current business as a bootstrapped venture. As trust started taking shape with investors, he launched premium investment advisory services that are unbiased, customized & transparent. 

Today Anees Ahmed is one of the youngest SEBI Registered Investment Advisor in India, also an MBA graduate from IBS, founder of AZ Capital. He brought to the table his rich 6-year corporate experience in the field of investment advisory & research at a notable firms like ICICI Securities & fintech investment advisory firm. He has served both HNI & retail clients in his prior roles & has gained invaluable knowledge and vividly spanning contacts and expertise in all these years. At age 16, Anees started taking interest in his father’s investment & learn from his father’s experience & slowly started managing his portfolio. He says, “my interest in investments is hereditary, as my father is into it from decades. I got my inspiration and my first few crucial lessons from him.”

Anees has the vision to become India’s most trusted and client-centric investment advisory services provider, helping people achieve financial independence & wealth creation.

How does AZ Capital add value to the investors’ life as an advisor?

Anees says we are enablers in the quest for wealth generation through our client-centric investment advisory approach. He has been confident in providing investment advisory services. He believes conflict-free advice is like gold dust. He considers this as an opportunity to honestly address people’s financial as well as non-financial concerns and guide them with a client-centric approach.

Do you know that less than 5% of India’s population invests in Stock Market and Stock related products? And more than 99% of them are not able to create wealth.

A client relationship approach enabled the team to understand the scale and depth of the client’s problems and thus deliver a customised solution basket.

The team is therefore not only suggesting the most suitable investment avenues to invest in but is also suggesting to its clients if they should continue with X Policy or invest in Y Plan. While this business model poses scale-up challenges, it enables the team to establish a very robust clientele who are associated with the company for the personal human touch and a trustworthy wealth management experience.

Anees says, clients often choose to work with us because of our conservative and disciplined investment process. We understand that our clients worry about another financial crisis as they approach their financial goals. They find confidence in knowing that we use a carefully structured process for choosing investments and personalize approach aiming to minimize risk.

In an interview, he says “to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

AZ Capital Investment mantra

Anees says it takes discipline to make long-term gains in the stock market, you just need to have faith in the Indian economy for the next decade as India is going through a transition phase & transformation is happening. India’s economy will take center stage over the next few years.

Creating wealth through investments is not that hard as the bull market is always on at all points of time in some specific sectors of the Indian stock market…that is why investors should always be alert about which stocks and sectors are actually breaking out to all-time highs during a bear market because the market itself will tell you where the next leg of winners and next bull cycle will come from.

Successful investing, he says, is all about individual bottom-up stock picking, focusing on the macroeconomics of each individual business, and ignoring all the noise around geopolitical tensions, disease outbreaks, rising interest rates, rising inflation, and all the noise in the media. 

Today at this young age, Anees wishes to take his practice forward and put smiles on investors’ faces.

If you want to see what they’ve built, check out We’re sure it makes your investments as professionally managed as never before.

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