Ranjana Bhatia is the new thinking pattern of 3d fashion metaverse: creating her brand authority

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Ranjana is a 3D jewelry and fashion design expert hailing from Amritsar. She is on a mission to connect with 500,000 fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and transform the way they think about designs and patterns. She is a tech savvy fashinnovator and fashionpreneur. After completing MBA, she started working as an HR Manager in a reputed firm. Soon she found that this was not her purpose of life. While doing her full-time job, she was always fascinated about designs and creativity. She was also passionate about fashion and jewelry. So to combine her fascination, passion and creativity and carve out a completely new niche for herself, she completed a 3D jewelry and fashion designing course to brush up her design skills. As she is also Masters in Business Administration, she knew all the strategies to develop a brand. So even before completing her course, she started making her way into the highly influential fashion design industry.

Her amazing combination of business expertise and design enthusiasm connected her with key stakeholders in various jewelery outlets across India. This transformation and the confidence that she received from her network gave birth to her own 3D design company called ‘Regalia By Ranjana’.

As she had complete clarity of her design concepts, uniqueness and creativity, she knew that her work of art is not everyone’s cup of tea. This wisdom helped her in discovering and connecting with diamonds in a huge mine of coals. She always wanted to ensure that her unique fashion and design sense should be replicated among the masses. This is the reason she developed unusual and weird jewelry patterns and named ‘wacky collection’. According to her, being unusual is good.  You don’t need to fit in everywhere. The grand success of this collection gave her the confidence of being bold in her designs.

Now she wanted to spread this unique sense across the world and create awareness about the 3D designing world. So after having grand success with Regalia By Ranjana, she connected with the Digital Writopreneurs, a unique writing community, in India and started writing blogs, recording podcasts and developing her own videos all under one roof. This enabled her to connect with more like-minded people and be a part of their lives and blend them in their lives too. Regalia By Ranjana is a result of Ranjana’s vision and her commitment to change the perspective of jewelry and fashion designing by breaking boring patterns and infuse untamed creativity.

According to Ranjana, “Regalia by Ranjana” is the body, her designs are the heart as well as soul and 3D design technology is the brain of her foundation. 3D technology opens a new era for jewelry along with dress designing and creates a new space for consumers to experience fashion. She is also exploring the designs of different cultures and countries and blending them with the taste of different traditions in India. Her designs reflect unity in diversity. Now she has articulated her own equation called the “Fusion Equation”:

India + World = Regalia By Ranjana

Talking about jewelry and fashion designs by Ranjana, they are quite refreshing and amazing. According to her, she made the designs reflecting her personality. If she designs for a bride-to-be, the designs exude personality traits of that particular bride. These enhance her beauty and add emotional value to the design. When asked about the ideation process of her jewelry and fashion designs, she says,” Designs are like the soulmate of designers. Designs choose the designers”.  She even wrote an article on this titled “Designs are Soulmates: They Choose you”. She has invented her own Design theory titled “Ranjana’s Principle to Be Regalian”. Many people are getting motivation through her transformation from a corporate employee to star 3D designer.

Ranjana Bhatia is a jewelry designer, fashion designer, fashionpreneur, Fashinnovator, blogger, podcaster and social media influencer. She has taken the fashion niche on the Internet by storm and is creating new trends every day. Just Google ‘Regalia by Ranjana’ to connect with her. She has recently launched a new episode on her podcast named, “The Multiverse Of 3D Designing.”



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