Ramesh Chaurasia- Working for Children in the post covid world

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There is nothing more important today than our children’s health and well-being. But with changing time, a lot of new factors have surfaced and affected our daily lives. Many consider the technology loaded modern lifestyle to be detrimental to children’s health and mental well-being. Today we clearly notice that children spend most of their times indoors playing computer games or watching videos on mobile phones. It is widely acknowledged that social interaction and intermingling with other kids is essential for children because this is how they learn new things and how they learn important values which are essential for adult life. This is why this newly created pattern needs to be broken before it becomes the new normal.

Unfortunate times require great strength and will

This stands true even for children from the underprivileged section of society. They have had it worse when it comes to spending time indoors during the pandemic. Due to lack of resources for online education, they were not able to fully participate in the activities designed by the education system. Some people recognize this and work everyday for this cause.

Ramesh Chaurasia, president of the ‘Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha’ has taken several initiatives to help and uplift the children in every way possible.

Let us let kids be kids again

Mr Chaurasia works with qualified professionals from the education department and finds new strategies to help children establish healthy habits. On being asked about this, the principal of a Govt. school said – “We observe that the attention span of children has declined and they are becoming easily distracted and bored. This is something which was unheard of before. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has only added to these problems. Since children were indoors for almost two years, they have forgotten how they used to play, learn and socialize because they have adapted to the new indoor life and entertainment that was unfortunately inevitable. “

Since social isolation is detrimental to child development, Ramesh Chaurasia made it possible to organize attractive and fun filled events where children would play with each other and participate in amusing events.

New initiatives for Child development and welfare

Mr Chaurasia believes that we need to create a safe environment for kids so that they can play freely like they used to. He believes that more children’s parks should be developed so that children can come out and play with other children like they always have. When the schools reopen, sports and extra-curricular group activities should be encouraged so that all children can grow freely and also enjoy their childhood.

Potential future – Grows with love

Children are truly the most powerful yet the most sensitive part of our society that need to be empowered and protected at all costs. Curiosity and creativity need to be encouraged in children which is inherently present at a young age. It is the children who build society when they grow up. Healthier and happier children will naturally build a better society. This is the best that we can hope for and work towards.

Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha works constantly to organize debates, discussions, sports events, game shows and other events which bring children out to meet each other and interact with other adult members of the community.  


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