Radhika belives escaping reality is not good

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Sometimes our lives are so scattered or busy that we tend to daydream and long to escape reality. Imagining and creating a life in our minds sometimes can be a good thing though it is kind of odd. Our minds are so puzzling and confusing sometimes, creating a strong desire to escape that we turn to our inner minds. The science of the mind is very complex but well understood. The mind is so complicated that most people do not understand some of the most basic concepts of the brain and its functions.

What does it mean to escape reality?

The American Psychology Association has a dictionary term for “escape from reality” it states that escaping from reality is “a defensive reaction involving the use of fantasy as a means of avoiding conflicts and problems of daily living.” sometimes escaping reality is not something that is initiated or thought out, sometimes our complex minds do this involuntarily. Why do we try to escape reality?

Some reasons we try to escape reality

This involuntary act can be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • An uneasy mind
  • A mental illness
  • Abuse
  • Stress

These are some of the reasons we try to escape our realities.

All realities are different

Every single individual has a completely different reality, even though we all live on the same planet. My reality is completely different than yours, some people have a reality of constant work versus the very messy family life, or a life that consists of the only school vs a life being or becoming a parent. All of us have very different or very similar lives but our problems can be very different.

Why is escapism bad?

Studies have shown that most people who use escapism are most likely in a depressive state. Not dealing with our issues and using escapism is shown to increase our depressive symptoms. This may not be the best solution to mainstream problems.

Other alternatives

  • Reading books regularly
  • Watch movies
  • Exercise frequently
  • Cook new things
  • Journal or write things down
  • Vacationing

Let go of the unhealthy thoughts

Letting go of bad thoughts and not responding to them can really help. Getting rid of these thoughts can be tough though it is possible. If you are someone who stays home a lot or you have a decent amount of downtime then going to do something you enjoy is something that can help you tremendously, being busy for a long period of time can create a mind that is clear and focused on something other than your thoughts.

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