Pratibha Malav, Author of Two Novels and A Huge Believer of Words

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What Makes Words So Powerful?

Words have tremendous energy. Words are constructive; words are destructive. Words help us in making friends; words make our speech bitter. Words can create a web of positivity; words can create turmoil. Words have the power to make us popular; words can defame us. Words are medicinal; words are lethal. Words heal; words injure. It’s up to us how appropriately or inappropriately we use them.

Pratibha Malav ventured into books with a short story long ago and followed it up with a romance fiction novel titled A Kind Of Commitment in 2017. She launched the second edition of her first book in 2019. If Tomorrow Comes is her second book, which was released in June 2021.

When she’s not writing or reading books, she spends her time chatting with her readers on different social media platforms. Pratibha believes reading and writing should never stop. She has got big plans and sees writing as her future.

Her bestseller book, “If Tomorrow Comes” was recently published and garnered lots of interest amongst the young readers. It’s basically a story of hope, commitment, nostalgia, acceptance, and happiness. It has a narrative point of time. Time gives you chills but also teaches you many things. Time plays the role of villain as well as a hero. Time reveals secrets and brings them to light. Time guides you through the book. Time gives you hope for the future. Time takes you in the past and time takes you to the future.

Her first book, “A Kind Of Commitment” delivers an important message to all the dreamers and hope seekers. It hit the stand in 2017 and since then, it has been hugely popular with young adults as it depicts an inspiring story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a photographer.

Pratibha’s work’s glimpse have got huge appreciation by thousands, and readers can experience her work through her social media platforms-






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