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Prathik Jain, founder of Manueal adopts Indian Cobra from Karnataka Zoo

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You can’t help but fall in love with an animal you’ve saved when you gaze into its eyes. The love of animals towards humans is one of the purest forms of love. Prathik Jain, a social media manager, graphic designer and upcoming entrepreneur has done a noble act by adopting an animal.

This talented man has adopted Indian Cobra from the Zoo Authority of Karnataka Bannerghatta Biological Park, Banglore. He has provided funds to the zoo for the protection of Indian Cobra and has received the certificate for the same. It is one of the noble acts one can do.

Being such a talented man he not only inspires others with his exceptional social media management skills, but he also chose to try his hand at business and launched ‘Manueal,’ an Indian-based men’s grooming brand. The company looks for products with no flaws, small series, and high-quality items that combine function and beauty in a unique way.

The growth of his brand has been great proving Prathik’s business acumen and his commendable marketing skills. A significant amount of social media marketing has been done on the brand, in order to make the brand image recognised and to keep the brand identity in the market for the long term. Manueal is genuinely Prathik’s idea, as evidenced by the high level of talent and dedication put into the brand.

Manueal is a company that creates natural recipes that benefit both men and women’s skin while also revitalising it with natural ingredients. The company is well-known for its innovative and recyclable packaging, which promotes environmental stewardship.

Having vast skill in the field of marketing, Prathik is one of the founding members of, a collaborative venture of eight seasoned skilled believers who provide top-notch graphic design, web and mobile development, as well as social media marketing, video marketing, bulk SMS, and other services.

He is not only an expert in social media management, but he also has a strong background in software development. He set a world record by creating 36 websites in under 12 hours and 51 minutes. Prathik Jain and his team have been recognised by the Limca Book of Records, the High Range Book of Records, Unique World Records, Assist World Records, and Miracle World Records. In 2019, he was also awarded the title of Doctorate.

After achieving a global record for the “Most Number of Graphical Pictures” on his Vespa scooter in under two hours, he became known as “Vespa Prathik,” making it India’s first graphical scooter. He rode his scooter 160 kilometres from Tumkur to Bangalore. He was given the Limca Book of Records and the High Range Book of Records after finishing the renovation.

Prathik is an inspiration to many young talents, demonstrating that simple dedication, persistence, and hard work, combined with ability, are the perfect recipe for success.


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